छिरेश्वरनाथ नगरपालिका

Location in Nepal

Coordinates: 26°43′43″N 85°55′30″E / 26.72861°N 85.92500°E / 26.72861; 85.92500Coordinates: 26°43′43″N 85°55′30″E / 26.72861°N 85.92500°E / 26.72861; 85.92500
Country    Nepal
Admin. division Janakpur Zone
District Dhanusa
  Type Chhireswarnath Municipality
  Total 34,350
  Local Nepali, Maithili
  Official {{{demographics1_info2}}}
Time zone NST (UTC+5:45)
Postal code 45600
Area code(s) 041

Chhireshwarnath Municipality, (Nepali: छिरेश्वरनाथ) is a municipality in Dhanusa District of the Janakpur Zone. The new municipality was established on 18 May 2014 by merging the existing Village Development Committees Ramdaiya, Sakhuwa Mahendranagar, Hariharpur and Digambarpur.[1][2] Mahendranagar is a Developed city of Chhireswornath Municipality.The population of Mahendranagar is More than 10209. Mahendranagar act as bridge between Dhalkebar and Janakpur. Basically it is popular for its largest cattle market in the Nepal. It is assumed that 65% of cattle for e.g. buffalo, goats in Kathmandu valley are brought from here. It comprises very good health facility in the municipality for the Resident and its neighbouring people.It had one of the largest paper factory of Nepal named as Everest Paper Mill.Mostly Local people are employed here.There are various rice mill in the Sakhuwa Bazaar from where rice is exported to India and sent to the various parts of Nepal.The Most Famous Hidu Religious Places... Dhudmati is the largest lake of Dhanusha District and Chhireshwarnath is one of the most popular temple of God Shiva.Sakhuwabazar is famous Market of Chhireswornath Municipality.its annual income is more than 1.25 crore.Most of the people of Chhireshwornath are depended on this market.this Market is heart of Chhireswornath Municipality...


There are two Colleges in Chhireswornath Municipality.It gives better education than other colleges.

it is the oldest campus of chhireswarnath Municipality. Qualified teacher teaches in this Campus.

it is also famous Campus of Chhireswornath Municipality. it gives better education environment to their student.Although it is famous college but its pass percentage is so low. Teachers encouraged students to copy from cheat and other bad ways.


Several stage shows, concerts and plays are occasionally organized by the local clubs and organizations.Formerly there was two movie theatre operated in the city Radha Talkies and Lavkush chalachitra mandir but due to rise of technology and home entertainment facility the above movie theatre has been closed but Radha Talkies is totally destroyed now and Luvkush cha;chitra mandir is open now.

here are so many Photo Studio just like Gupta Digital Studio, Photo Art Studio, Satish Digital Studio, S.K. Studio and one of the famous P.K. Digital Photo Studio is also located in Mahendranagar. P.K. is operated by Ashis Bikash and Subhas kumar sah.

Geography and climate

Sakhuwa, Mahendranagar

Chhireswarnath is located in the Terai, forested and marshy terrain at the base of the Himalaya mountain range. The major rivers surrounding are Dudhmati, Jalad. Chhireswornath Municipality is famous for its temples(Shiv temple).

One can see all the six seasons in Chhireswarnath. Basant ritu (Spring - February/March), Grisma ritu (Summer - April/May/June), Barsha ritu (Rainy - July/August), Sharad ritu (Autumn - September/October), Hemanta ritu (Autumn-winter - November/December), Shishir ritu (Winter - December/January).

The best time to visit in Chhireswarnath is from September to March as the weather is pleasant and several festivals fall during this period.


Chhath in Sakhuwabazar

There are many Festivals which are celebrated in chireswornath municipality like Chaat,Bhai tika, Dipawali,Bijaya Dashami,Eid,Holi,Rakahya bandhan etc.


Chhireswornath has several hotels and restaurants which offer food and accommodation. These include

There are also several cheaper lodges and Dharamsala (cheap accommodations) for pilgrims.


Accepting the fact that education is a backbone of development,different private schools are opened here for quality education. Most of them are residential English and Nepali medium schools.The one of the bad educational institute is Gangotri Higher Secondary English Boarding School.Saraswati English Boarding School, Gyan Mandir Boarding, D.R.S.K Academy and Pragati Shishu Sadan are Famous School of Chhireswornath Municipality. Chhireswar Janta Higher Secondary School is the oldest Educational institute of Chhireshwor Municipality.Here is also Government School,which provide free education facilities..School also Provide Dress to all of the Student.

Social Organization

1. Dhanusha Kabadi Kho-Kho Academy: One of the sport organization in the city and covering the small area of Mahendranagar, near the bridge The Chief of this organization is Mr.Kebal Raut.

2. Dhudmati Mai Yuwa Club: Helping the Young generation in the field of Sports and religion. The club organize the program like Chhath Puja, Jitmahan Mela, Cricket Tournament etc. The club also organizes the programs related to environment cleaning,health program for the Dudhamatti. The head of this organization is Mr. Rampukar Yadav.

Co-operative Organization

There are Many Co-operative organization in Chhireshwarnath Municipality like Mahalakshi,griha laxmi, Laxman rekha, Khusiyali, jai Singh baba, Upyogi etc. Co-operative organization provive Loan and Saving Facilities.Upyogi is the most famous Co-operative organization.Which provide 7% annual interest on daily saving, 14% interest on fixed annual saving. Upayogi gives high interest than other organization. Sanjay sah & Saroj pajiyar are accountant of Upayogi Co-operative Organization.These organization are also backbone of Chhireswar Municipality.Organization gives loan to poor people without any deposit. Co-Operative Organization also create Employee opportunities to people....


Nepal Rastra Bank, Janakpur

In the Chhireshwarnath Municipal there are several bank with ATM facility.


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