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UKChartsPlus is an independent weekly newsletter about the UK music charts. It was first published in September 2001 as ChartsPlus in order to authoritatively record the official music chart information in the United Kingdom, as compiled by the Official Charts Company. Its publication began after Hit Music ceased publication in May 2001. The newsletter was established to be totally independent of Music Week, licensing the chart data directly from Official Charts Company and other chart providers.


Old ChartsPlus logo (2001-2010)

Initially it covered:

It also included a New Entries Spotlight on all new top 200 singles, and a Year to Date collection of all the current year's Top 200 albums and singles.

Since then, it has expanded to include the BPI silver, gold or platinum sales awards, predictions of the success of forthcoming releases, Budget Albums Top 50, Airplay Top 100, and Downloads Top 40. The Welsh Singles and Albums Top 75s and the Scottish Singles and Albums Top 75s are published in reference to the main UK Top 200 listings. It also published genre specific charts, for Indie, Dance, Rock and R&B.

Some of these charts are exclusive to ChartsPlus and it is the only place where the UK Singles Chart and UK Albums Chart positions below 75 are published, as is the case for the Compilation Album Chart for positions below 40.

In October 2008, publisher Musiqware Ltd. (formerly IQware Ltd.) stopped production of ChartsPlus: the last issue published was number 371 (4 October 2008). In December 2008, ChartsPlus was relaunched by new publisher UKChartsPlus, the first issue under new control was number 383 (27 December 2008). Issues 372-382 were issued retrospectively between January and March 2009.

2010 relaunch

With issue no. 463 (10 July 2010) the publication was relaunched under the new title "UKChartsPlus", featuring a new cover (with hyperlinked index),[1] several new charts, and some expanded charts, and a new colour scheme. It now also features a singles index and an albums index showing each entry's chart positions across all charts featured in UKChartsPlus.[2][3]

The range of charts (chart provider in parentheses):[1]

Other features:[1]

Occasional additions:


As of February 2011, two versions are available for subscription:[4]

Individual back issues are available at £5 each or in quarterly or annual batches.[5]

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