Chang Taek-sang

Chang Taek-sang
3rd Prime Minister of South Korea
In office
May 6, 1952  October 6, 1952
Preceded by Yi Yun-yong (acting)
Succeeded by Baek Du-jin
1st Minister of Foreign Affairs
In office
August 15 , 1948  December 24 , 1948
Preceded by Position established
Succeeded by Yim Byeong-sik
Personal details
Born (1893-10-22)October 22, 1893
Chilgok, Gyeongsang Province, Joseon
Died August 1, 1969(1969-08-01) (aged 75)
Seoul, South Korea
Spouse(s) Jinju Jeong-ssi, Pungsan Ryu-ssi, Kim Yeon-sik
Alma mater University of Edinburgh
Korean name
Hangul 장택상
Revised Romanization Jang Taek-sang
McCune–Reischauer Chang T'aeksang
Pen name
Hangul 창랑
Revised Romanization Changnang
McCune–Reischauer Ch'angnang
Courtesy name
Hangul 치우
Revised Romanization Chiu
McCune–Reischauer Ch'iu

Chang Taek-sang or Jang Taek-sang (1893–1969) was a Korean Independence activist and South Korean policeman and politician. He was the third prime minister of South Korea and 1st Minister of Foreign Affairs.[1] His nickname was Changrang.


Chang held this position during the Korean War. He attended Edinburgh University in the U.K. earlier in his life. Jang became First Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade from August 15 to December 24,1948 after the ministry was established on July 17, 1948. During his term, he was in charge of diplomacy for South Korea, as well as handling external trade and matters related to overseas Korean nationals (which was crucial during this period in Korea). From May 6, 1952 to October 6, 1952, he served as the prime minister of the First Republic of Korea.

Recently, in July 2006, Jang Byung-hye (Peggy Jang), the daughter of Jang Taek-sang, and Rhee In-soo, an adopted son of South Korea's first president Syngman Rhee, filed a lawsuit against the producers of Seoul 1945. They claimed that the drama distorts history and belittles the achievements of their late fathers.

Work book


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Preceded by
Yi Yun-yong
3rd Prime Minister of South Korea
Succeeded by
Baek Du-jin
Preceded by
first Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Korea
August 15 1948
Succeeded by
Lim Byung-chick
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