Chandralekha (1998 film)

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Directed by Krishna Vamsi
Produced by Nagarjuna Akkineni
V. Ram Prasad
Written by Y. Venkatram
Chithajallu Lakshmipathi Rao (dialogues)
Screenplay by Krishna Vamsi
Story by Priyadarshan
Starring Nagarjuna Akkineni
Ramya Krishna
Isha Koppikar
Music by Sandeep Chowtha
Cinematography Ajayan Vincent
Edited by Shankar
Great India Enterprises
Release dates
  • 31 July 1998 (1998-07-31)
Running time
151 minutes
Country India
Language Telugu

Chandralekha is a 1998 Telugu film, produced by Akkineni Nagarjuna and V. Ram Prasad on Great India Enterprises banner, directed by Krishna Vamsi. It stars Nagarjuna Akkineni, Ramya Krishna and Isha Koppikar in lead roles and features music composed by Sandeep Chowtha. This is the second combination of Nagarjuna-Vamsi-Chowtha after Ninne Pelladatha. Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt made a special appearance for the first time in a Telugu film. This film is a remake of Mohanlal starred Malayalam film Chandralekha directed by Priyadarshan.


Sitarama Rao alias Seeta (Nagarjuna Akkineni) is a struggling unemployed youth who arrives in Hyderabad to meet his sister (Jhansi) and brother-in-law (Tanikella Bharani), his father has been falsely implicated in a bank fraud and wants to sell his ancestral property to pay towards the litigation, for that he needs his sister's approval but is rebuked and banished by his brother-in-law. Disillusioned, Seeta seeks out his old school mate Tirupathi (Brahmaji), who is working in a fruit juice vending shop in Hyderabad. Tirupathi himself is a hapless uneducated youth working for his uncle (Rallapalli), who is a treacherous money lender, with a hope to marry his daughter Bangari (Priya). They plan to open a cool drink shop but need 1.25 lakh Rupees to rent a shop as a prerequisite to getting a bank loan. With no other way in sight, the two of them swindle Tirupathi's uncle out of 1.25 lakh Rupees. Seeta then tries to get the loan sanctioned, but he is rebuffed by a new Bank manager (M. S. Narayana) who had taken charge by then.

In a new development Seeta happens to rescue a woman called Chandrika Varma or 'Chandra' (Ramya Krishnan) after a car accident, hospitalizing her. Chandra is the daughter of a wealthy businessman Varma (Murali Mohan). Seetarama Rao is mistaken by the hospital staff to be her husband Raj Kapoor. Soon her relatives including her father arrive and they too mistake him as Raj Kapoor because no one had ever seen or talked to him. Also, it happened that Chandra was a major client of Seetarama Rao's Bank Manager, who too mistook him for Chandra's husband, and was now eager to please him. Seetarama Rao, who is good at heart, initially intended to reveal the truth to everyone but later decides to masquerade as Raj Kapoor till he gets loan approval from the Bank Manager. Chandra lay bedridden paralyzed unable to react but was able to witness all the commotions around her.

Some of the relatives of Chandra were never convinced about Seetarama Rao from the outset. To make matters worse for Seeta enters the arena Lekha (Isha Koppikar), a close friend of Chandra and who is a medical graduate. She had talked to Raj Kapoor on the phone previously and become immediately suspicious about Seeta. The relatives join with Lekha to find out the truth. Lekha and others play cat and mouse with Seeta trying to uncover his veracity, with Seeta staying ahead of the game for a while. Finally, Lekha fortuitously comes to know the real story of Seetarama Rao but she is moved by his life struggles. In the meantime, Chandra revives from her paralysis but she too forgives Seetarama Rao for everything; also, she had developed a liking for him. But one of the jealous relatives of Chandra (Pruthvi Raj) manages to expose Seeta before everyone. Then Chandra admits all the truth to everyone. She was not in fact a car accident but was a suicide attempt after her fiance, the real Raj Kapoor, had betrayed her, and their marriage had never commenced. But she was now in love with Seetarama Rao and hoped to marry him. Chandra recovers fully under the loving care of Seeta and Lekha. But later Chandra discovers that Lekha was already in love with Seetarama Rao and had in fact given way for her as a favor to Chandra's father, to whom Lekha was like a second daughter. Chandra gracefully withdraws from her planned marriage with Seetarama Rao. Finally, Seeta and Lekha are united together with everyone's hearty blessings.



Film score by Sandeep Chowtha
Released 1998
Genre Soundtrack
Length 27:42
Label Aditya Music

The music was composed by Sandeep Chowtha. Lyrics were written by Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry. Music released on ADITYA Music Company.

No. TitleSinger(s) Length
1. "Sahasame Cheyara"  SP Balu 4:31
2. "Divvi Divvi Divvitam"  Sowmya Raoh, Sujatha 4:25
3. "Okkasari Okkasari"  Rajesh Krishnan 4:38
4. "Tajmahaluni"  Rajesh Krishnan, Sowmya Raoh 4:50
5. "Mogali Podalu"  Rajesh Krishnan, Sunitha 4:32
6. "Urumulu Nee Muvvalayi"  Rajesh Krishnan, Sujatha 4:32
Total length:


Krishna Vamsi was skeptical about directing a remake, but was convinced later, after watching the Malayalam version.[1]


The film received great reviews, for Nagarjuna's acting and Krishna Vamsi's screenplay and direction. [2]


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