Chamber of Deputies (Burma)

Chamber of Deputies
Pyithu Hluttaw
Founded 1948 (1948)
Disbanded 1962 (1962)
Preceded by Legislature of Burma
Succeeded by People's Assembly (1974-1988)
Seats 250
Last election
Meeting place
Government Secretariat, Rangoon

The Chamber of Deputies (Burmese: ပြည်သူ့လွှတ်တော်) was the lower house of the bicameral Union Parliament of Burma (Myanmar) from 1948 to 1962. Under the 1947 Constitution, bills initiated and passed by the lower house, the Chamber of Deputies, were to be sent to the Chamber of Nationalities for review and revision.

The Chamber of Deputies had a number of seats constitutionally allocated at twice the number of the Chamber of Nationalities.

List of Speakers of the Chamber of Deputies

  1. Bo Hmu Aung


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