Central Television and Radio Studio of the Russian Ministry of Defence

Central Television and Radio Studio of the Russian Ministry of Defence (Russian: Центральная телевизионная и радиовещательная студия Министерства обороны Российской Федерации) is the television arm of the Russian Ministry of Defence and the main production unit of the Zvezda Channel.


Central TV and Radio Studio Ministry of Defence was created July 28, 1992.[1]

August 15, 1992, was approved by the organization and establishment of TSTRS . The first chief of the studio was appointed Colonel Alexander Jakubowski .

The structure of the Defence Ministry TSTRS included: broadcast studio, studio and broadcast audio material, the department operating TV and radio networks broadcasting systems and technical center .

The studio housed in the Ministry of Defence on the street Shaposhnikov, 14 (now - Kolymazhny lane), studio broadcast from 1992 to 1997, was located on the street. Prechistenka, 19.

Since 1993, the stories of correspondents TSTRS with the logo "VoenTV" began to appear in news programs "News", "News ," " Today ," "Results ," as well as in the military program, Michael Leszczynski, "Polygon" on channel "Ostankino" .

In the summer of 1993 was aired on the first issue of the news program "The military courier".

In December 1993, the channel TV-6, the first issue of the infotainment music program TSTRS " Army shop " ( author and presenter Alexander Ilyin, the leading - Dana Borisova ) . Since January 1994, the program began to appear on the first channel of Ostankino.

Since September 1995 the channel ORT began to appear weekly program "I serve Russia" on the First Channel. The first program was the managing editor Alexander Minakov .

In 1997, introduced a new hardware- studio complex TSTRS. In 1998, the Defence Ministry TSTRS won the competition and 17 July 2000 received a license ( in 2004 again) for the implementation of broadcast television in Moscow and the Moscow region first. On February 20, 2005 at the Central Television and Radio Studio Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation was formed a new channel called Zvezda, aired on TV channel 57 UHF.

On August 7, 2006 at a frequency of 95.6 FM began broadcasting national radio station Zvezda in the preparation of radio programs and news programs which are involved Radio Slavyanka.


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