Central Election Commission of Abkhazia

The Central Election Commission of Abkhazia is the body responsible for conducting national elections and overseeing local elections in Abkhazia. It was first formed on 20 July 1991.[1]


The first Chairman of the Central Election Commission was Viacheslav Tsugba,[1] who held the post until he became Prime Minister in 1999.

On 11 October 2004, Sergei Smyr resigned during the height of the crisis following the Presidential election earlier that month.[2] On 14 December, the newly formed Central Election Commission elected former Justice Minister Batal Tabagua as its Chairman.[3]

# Name From Until President Comments
1 Viacheslav Tsugba 20 July 1991 [1] 26 November 1994 none
26 November 1994 1999 Vladislav Ardzinba
2 Sergei Smyr 1999 11 October 2004 [2]
3 Batal Tabagua 14 December 2004 [3] 12 February 2005
12 February 2005 29 May 2011 Sergei Bagapsh
29 May 2011 Present Alexander Ankvab


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