Central Conservatory of Music

Not to be confused with China Conservatory of Music.
Central Conservatory of Music
Type Public
Established 1950 (1950)
President 俞峰 Yu Feng
Academic staff
Students 1897
Undergraduates 1469
Postgraduates 360
Location Beijing, China
Website www.ccom.edu.cn

The Central Conservatory of Music (simplified Chinese: 中央音乐学院; traditional Chinese: 中央音樂學院; pinyin: Zhōngyāng Yīnyuè Xuéyuàn) is China's leading music school. Its campus is in the Xicheng District of Beijing, China, near Fuxingmen Station.


Founded in 1950, the Conservatory offers courses to both Chinese nationals and foreign students, and caters for all levels from primary up to postgraduate programmes. Undergraduate programmes of four or five years are offered in composition, conducting, musicology, voice and opera, piano, orchestral instruments, and traditional Chinese musical instruments; there is a six-year middle school with courses in piano, orchestral instruments, traditional instruments and music theory; and two primary schools cater for full-time and evening students. There is also an evening university for mature students.

In recent years, the Conservatory has developed strong relationships with overseas institutions and individuals. Foreign musicians and scholars are frequently invited to teach or offer lectures at the Conservatory which, in turn, also sends its own faculty members and students to other countries to pursue further studies, lecture, or give performances. Conservatory students and teachers participate in the China Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Chinese Traditional Musical Instruments Ensemble, the Conservatory Students Chorus, the Middle School Students Orchestra and the Primary School Students Performing Group, all of which have performed to much acclaim on every continent.

The Conservatory campus covers 53,000 square metres in the centre of Beijing comprising a complex of traditional and modern buildings. The Conservatory Music Library accommodates over 500,000 volumes and is the largest of its kind in China. The Conservatory also owns over 500 pianos and a large number of other musical instruments; its educational facilities include an electronic music studio with advanced recording and video equipment, and a violin workshop. New: 1 Oberlinger-organ from Germany Nov. 2013

Degrees offered

Bachelor's degrees (4 years)
Master's degrees (3 years)
Doctoral degrees (3 years)

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