Central Association

The Central Association was an American minor league baseball league. It began operations in 1908, and ran continuously through 1917. It was reorganized thirty years later, operating as a Class-C league from 1947-1949, with major league affiliates for most teams. Hall of Fame Inductees Burleigh Grimes and Jake Beckley are league alumni.

1908–1917 league

In 1908, The teams from Burlington, Iowa, Jacksonville, Illinois, Keokuk, Iowa, Oskaloosa, Iowa, Ottumwa, Iowa, Quincy, Illinois, and Waterloo, Iowa joined after having left the Iowa State League. A new team in Kewanee, Illinois joined as well.

In 1909, Oskaloosa folded. The Hannibal, Missouri team moved from the Illinois–Missouri League. In 1910, Jacksonville moved to the Northern Association, Waterloo moved to the Illinois–Indiana–Iowa League and teams from Galesburg, Illinois and Monmouth, Illinois joined after having left the Illinois–Missouri League. For the 1911 season, Quincy moved to the Illinois–Indiana–Iowa League and a new team in Muscatine, Iowa formed and joined the league.

For 1913, Galesburg and Hannibal folded while teams in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Waterloo, Iowa formed and joined the league. In 1914, Kewanee and Monmouth folded while teams in Clinton, Iowa and Marshalltown, Iowa formed and joined the league. Ottumwa moved to Rock Island, Illinois, then again to Galesburg, Illinois. In 1915 Galesburg folded and a new team in Mason City, Iowa formed and joined the league. The Clinton team folded during the season. The league also threw out several wins by Keokuk (1), Marshalltown (5), Waterloo (1), and Clinton (40) after the fact.

Keokuk folded in 1916, while new teams in Clinton, Iowa and Fort Dodge, Iowa formed and joined the league. Burlington moved to Ottumwa on July 20, and Muscatine also forfeited 34 wins this year. In the final season, 1917 Muscatine and Ottumwa folded. New teams in Dubuque, Iowa and LaCrosse, Wisconsin formed and joined the league. Dubuque moved to Charles City, Iowa on July 4. Cedar Rapids moved to Clear Lake, Iowa on July 27, Clinton and LaCrosse both folded before the end of the season on July 17. After the season, the league, and all teams in it, folded.

1947–1949 league

In 1947, a new league of the same name was created with teams in Clinton, Iowa, Hannibal, Missouri, Rockford, Illinois, Keokuk, Iowa, Burlington, Illinois, and Moline, Illinois. In 1948, the Moline A's moved to Kewanee, Illinois mid-season. Then, in 1949, the team from Hannibal folded and new team formed in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to join the league. After the season, Cedar Rapids joined the Illinois–Indiana–Iowa League, and the rest of the teams, and the league itself, folded.

Year by year


Team NameRecord
Waterloo Lulus88-37
Burlington Pathfinders83-41
Quincy Gems73-55
Keokuk Indians57-68
Jacksonville Lunatics56-69
Oskaloosa Quakers51-75
Kewanee Boilermakers48-79
Ottumwa Packers48-80


Burlington Pathfinders83-51
Hannibal Cannibals83-53
Keokuk Indians80-57
Kewanee Boilermakers73-61
Waterloo Lulus64-69
Quincy Vets62-73
Jacksonville Braves46-84
Ottumwa Packers48-91


Quincy Vets85-50
Ottumwa Packers86-57
Hannibal Cannibals77-60
Galesburg Pavers69-67
Keokuk Indians67-70
Monmouth Browns62-72
Burlington Pathfinders56-81
Kewanee Boilermakers49-91


Ottumwa Speedboys87-41
Burlington Cowboys81-44
Galesburg Pavers66-63
Keokuk Indians64-64
Kewanee Boilermakers59-67
Monmouth Browns59-69
Muscatine Camels48-80
Hannibal Cannibals45-81


Ottumwa Speedboys79-50
Kewanee Boilermakers74-51
Burlington Pathfinders73-53
Monmouth Browns71-55
Hannibal Cannibals67-61
Galesburg Pavers61-67
Keokuk Indians49-76
Muscatine Wallopers33-94


Ottumwa Packers72-54
Muscatine Wallopers68-54
Monmouth Browns64-62
Keokuk Indians62-63
Burlington Pathfinders63-66
Cedar Rapids Rabbits59-65
Kewanee Boilermakers59-65
Waterloo Jays53-71


Waterloo Jays78-51
Burlington Pathfinders75-53
Muscatine Boilermakers72-53
Clinton Pilots67-61
Cedar Rapids Bunnies64-60
Keokuk Indians52-76
Marshalltown Ansons52-76
Ottumwa Rockers/ Rock Island Islanders/ Galesburg Pavers49-79


Burlington Pathfinders81-38
Muscatine Muskies63-57
Keokuk Indians51-52
Mason City Claydiggers58-63
Cedar Rapids Rabbits54-62
Marshalltown Ansons46-67
Waterloo Jays52-74
Clinton Pilots13-69


Marshalltown Ansons77-50
Clinton Pilots73-51
Cedar Rapids Rabbits62-64
Burlington Pathfinders/ Ottumwa Packers62-64
Waterloo Shamrocks58-67
Mason City Claydiggers50-76
Fort Dodge Dodgers41-86
Muscatine Muskies45-34


Marshalltown Ansons64-34
Mason City Claydiggers54-38
Waterloo Loons50-42
Cedar Rapids Rabbits/ Clear Lake Rabbits39-52
Dubuque Dubs/ Charles City Tractorites40-54
Fort Dodge Dodgers37-57
Clinton Pilots40-33
LaCrosse Infants29-43


Team NameAffiliationRecord
Clinton CubsChicago Cubs73-51
Hannibal PilotsSt. Louis Browns69-56
Rockford RoxChicago White Sox68-57
Keokuk PiratesPittsburgh Pirates61-64
Burlington IndiansCleveland Indians52-72
Moline A'sPhiladelphia A's51-74

Clinton defeated Rockford 3 games to 2, and Hannibal defeated Keokuk 3 games to 1 in the first round of the playoffs.

Clinton defeated Hannibal 4 games to 1 for the championship.


Clinton CubsChicago Cubs79-47
Burlington IndiansCleveland Indians68-62
Hannibal PilotsSt. Louis Browns
Keokuk PiratesPittsburgh Pirates61-67
Rockford RoxCincinnati Reds56-72
Moline A's/Kewanee A'sPhiladelphia A's53-74

Clinton beat Burlingto 4 games to 2, and Keokuk beat Hannibal 4 games to 1 in the first round of the playoffs. Clinton beat Keokuk for the title 4 games to none.


Burlington IndiansCleveland Indians81-48
Keokuk PiratesPittsburgh Pirates74-54
Kewanee A'sPhiladelphia A's68-60
Cedar Rapids Rockets 63-67
Clinton SteersChicago Cubs61-65
Rockford RoxCincinnati Reds38-91

Cedar Rapids beat Burlington 3 games to none, and Kewanee beat Keokuk 3 games to none, in the first round of the playoffs. Kewanee defeated Cedar Rapids 4 games to 2 for the title.


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