Catherine Cobert

Catherine Cobert
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Justice League International Vol. 1 #8 (December 1987)
Created by Keith Giffen (writer)
J. M. DeMatteis (writer)
Kevin Maguire (artist)
In-story information
Alter ego Catherine Maureen Cobert
Team affiliations United Nations
Justice League

Catherine Maureen Cobert is a fictional character published by DC Comics. She first appeared in Justice League International vol. 1 #8 (December, 1987), and was created by Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire.

Fictional character biography

Catherine Cobert was born into the upper crust of France. After her father, a diplomat, disappeared, Catherine quickly learned that she, along with her mother and younger brother, would have to fend for themselves. However prior to his disappearance her father had left them a significant stipend. Her mother soon followed in her husband's professional footsteps and got involved in French politics, becoming an outspoken activist against worldwide civil-rights atrocities.

Catherine was well educated throughout the world and as a result of this she became fluent in several languages. After leaving school she worked her way through college by modeling. Soon as a result of this her face began appearing on every magazine in France, most of Europe and eventually the United States of America. Around this time she developed a skill in fencing.

When she graduated from college, Catherine originally planned on helping her little brother, Marc through college himself. However he had become quite an athlete and was awarded several scholarships in that field. Since then he has now become a global adventurer, though a trifle irresponsible. He is also quite "the ladies man". After learning of this Catherine too wanted to follow the family tradition of trying to do some good for the world.

Justice League

She eventually accomplished this feat by slowly and humbly working her way up in the United Nations. She was eventually promoted into a decision making capacity and kept the betterment and welfare of all peoples in the forefront of her concerns. It was at this point when Catherine's work was noticed by Maxwell Lord who was the U.N. liaison for the Justice League America.

He signed her up to become the Paris embassy chief for the Justice League Europe and was eventually promoted to JLE chief (over Captain Atom). For a time she worked with former Green Lantern Kilowog, who would repair Justice League equipment as needed.[1] Due to the actions of the otherwise decent hero Beefeater, the J.L.E. French embassy was obliterated while otherwise empty.[2] Cobert and the team have difficulty in the move to England.[3]

A scruffy computer hacker gets Cobert and the League involved with a worldwide conspiracy to steal valuable information.[4]

Her continued hard work gave her a chance to be assigned to the "Special Officer on Paranormal Forces" who was in charge of both branches of the Justice League teams (over Maxwell Lord). She also had a brief romantic liaison with Captain Atom. Her relationship ended with the Justice League when the Leagues lost their United Nations sponsorship.

She is brought in to consult with the League threatens to go against the wishes of the United Nations to rebel against the Overmaster, a villain that threatened the planet. When she learns from Fire the plan is definite, Cobert informs the U.N., who then has Maxwell Lord unleash a counter-league team.[5] Cobert returns to attend the funeral of JLA member Ice, who had perished in the successful battle to defeat Overmaster.[6]

Catherine made a brief appearance in Extreme Justice, now in a relationship with Captain Atom's alternate self, Monarch.[7]

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