Catalunya Ràdio

Catalunya Ràdio (Catalan pronunciation: [kətəˈɫuɲə ˈraðiu]) is Catalonia's public radio network. With headquarters in Barcelona, it is part of the Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals (CCMA), owned by the Generalitat de Catalunya. Catalunya Ràdio broadcasts exclusively in Catalan and is the major Catalan-language network today, although Ràdio 4 from Radio Nacional de España (founded in 1976) was the first post-Franco Era station to broadcast in the language.

Catalunya Ràdio began broadcasting on 20 June 1983.[1] Over the years, it has expanded to encompass four separate stations:

Catalunya Ràdio has grown significantly since its inception, and is currently available in Catalonia, Valencia, the Balearic Islands, Northern Catalonia, La Franja, and Andorra.

Main programs

Catalunya Ràdio

Programs here dedicated to news, magazines, entertainment.

Catalunya Informació

As Spain's first all-news station, Catalunya Informació has a strong focus on news, traffic, weather and information. News bulletins is aired every hour. At the half past, the station will summary what have been said in 30 minutes ago and what will be said in 30 minutes next. At :33, Catalunya Informació tells listeners the day's three most important news, also local traffic updates from Catalunya Transit Service and the latest weather forecasts for the coming hours at :15 and :45. Weather summaries can also be heard during the headlines.

This is its hourly news blocks:

Traffic and weather are only broadcast between 06:30 and 22:30.

Catalunya Música

It focused on local songs, music festivals, and music historical sites.


Here, with music, it also keeps a watchful eye on culture. This also has some smaller stations: TotCat (local music), iCatMón (world music), iCatjazz (jazz) and iCatTrònica (electronic music).

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