Case sealer

A semi-automatic box sealing machine.
A large roll of box-sealing tape in the tape head of a case-sealing machine.

A case sealer or box sealer is a piece of equipment used for closing or sealing corrugated boxes. It is most commonly used for regular slotted containers (RSC) and can involve adhesive (cold water-borne or hot melt adhesive), box sealing tape, or Gummed (water activated) tape.

By contrast, a "case erector" is equipment for setting-up flat (knocked-down) corrugated boxes and applying a closure to the bottom flaps.


With semi automated equipment, the operator typically fills and loads a box at the entrance to the case sealer; the box may or may not have the bottom flaps previously closed. The operator closes the top flaps and feeds the box in or through a machine which automatically applies the closure. This helps save time and controls the application of the closure materials such as box sealing tape

Fully automated

Fully automatic equipment is available which does not require an operator. All functions, including closing the flaps, can be automated.

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