Founded 1972 (1972)
Founder Günter Graulich and Waltraud Graulich
Country of origin Germany
Headquarters location Stuttgart
Publication types sheet music
Official website
External video
Oral History, Gunter Graulich talks about the start of his company, Carus and the fifty six Mozart pieces they engraved in two years. Interview date April 4, 2004, NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Oral History Library

Carus-Verlag is a German music publisher founded in 1972 and based in Stuttgart.[1]

Carus was founded by choral conductor Günter Graulich and his wife Waltraud with an emphasis on high-quality choral repertoire. The catalogue currently includes more than 26,000 works (01/2016).

The company produces the standard editions of the complete works of Josef Rheinberger and Max Reger.[2]

Record label

The company also produces CDs to accompany some of its printed editions. Currently the publishers are working on recordings accompanying the complete editions of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach. Opera rarities include Schubert's Sakontala and Johann Rudolph Zumsteeg's Die Geisterinsel


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