Carol Patrice Christ

Carol Patrice Christ (born 1945[1]) is a teacher and author and holds a PhD from Yale University.


She is the author of the widely reprinted essay "Why Women Need the Goddess,",[2] which argues in favor of the concept of there having been an ancient religion of a supreme goddess. This essay was presented as the keynote address to an audience of over 500 at the "Great Goddess Re-emerging" conference at the University of Santa Cruz in the spring of 1978, and was first published in Heresies: The Great Goddess Issue (1978), pgs. 8-13. [3] Christ has written five influential books on women's spirituality and feminist theology. Carol P. Christ also co-edited the classic feminist religion anthologies Weaving the Visions: New Patterns in Feminist Spirituality (1989) and Womanspirit Rising (1979/1989); the latter included her essay Why Women Need the Goddess. [4] Both anthologies included feminist religious writing from writers from a very diverse range of religious backgrounds. Carol P. Christ has taught at major universities in the United States, including Columbia University, Harvard Divinity School, Pomona College, San Jose State, and the California Institute of Integral Studies. As director of the Ariadne Institute she conducts pilgrimages to sacred sites in Greece containing artifacts of matriarchal religion.[5] She has for many years been a resident of the Greek island of Lesbos, the home of the poet Sappho.[6][7]


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