Carlo Peroni

This article is about the Italian comic book artist. For the conductor, see Carlo Peroni (conductor).

Carlo Peroni (November 29, 1929 – December 13, 2011), also known as Perogatt, was an Italian comic book artist.

Born in Senigallia, Ancona, Peroni started his career in 1946 as a restorer and an icon painter.[1] In 1948 he started collaborating with the children magazine Il Giornalino, then he worked for a number of Italian and European magazines and newspapers, such as Corriere dei Piccoli, Guerin Sportivo, Bild-Zeitung. He also collaborated with RAI and wrote several books.[2]

Devoted to humorous comics, Peroni created, among others, Gianconiglio (also known as Sonny), Zio Boris, Nerofumo, Paciocco, Ispettore Perogatt.[2] He was also founder and author of the comics magazine Slurp!.[3]


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