Cannabis in Idaho

Cannabis in Idaho is illegal for all purposes, and possession of small amounts is a misdemeanor crime.

In 2015 a bill to legalize CBD oil passed both houses of the State Legislature but was vetoed by the governor.


In the early 20th century, amidst a nationwide trend of cannabis prohibition, Idaho outlawed the drug in 1927.[1] In the same period the mayor of Boise noted his concerns:

'The Mexican beet field workers have introduced a new problem-the smoking in cigarettes or pipes of marihuana or grifo. its use is as demoralizing as the use of narcotics. Smoking grifo is quite prevalent along the Oregon Short Line Railroad; and Idaho has no law to cope with the use and spread of this dangerous drug (WCTU, 1928: 3).[2]

2015 veto of CBD oil legalization

Senate Bill 1146a, which would have legalized CBD oil for persons with severe epilepsy, passed the Idaho Legislature following "lengthy and emotional" hearings, but was vetoed by Governor Butch Otter in April 2015.[3]

In his veto, Otter stated:

It ignores ongoing scientific testing on alternative treatments... It asks us to trust but not to verify. It asks us to legalize the limited use of cannabidiol oil, contrary to federal law. And it asks us to look past the potential for misuse and abuse with criminal intent.[4]


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