Coordinates: 41°16′19″N 36°21′03″E / 41.27194°N 36.35083°E / 41.27194; 36.35083Coordinates: 41°16′19″N 36°21′03″E / 41.27194°N 36.35083°E / 41.27194; 36.35083
Country Turkey
Province Samsun
Population (2012)[1]
  Urban 72,677
  District 92,201
Climate Cfa

Canik is one of the main municipalities in Samsun, Turkey, located at the east of the city center. The Municipality had 89.753 inhabitants as of the 2009 census.[2]

Canik became one of the four town municipalities under the patronage of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality in 1994. The region was largely settled by middle and lower working-class people in those days, but recent years made a big impact in the local economy. In 2009, Canik's status changed with other Metropolitan areas Ilkadim, Atakum and Tekkekoy, and it was turned into a borough instead of a small town.


The first mention of Canik in Turkish sources occurs in Dânişmendnâme, where it is cited as a Georgian fortress.[3] The name may be derived from "Chan" (Laz) - the name of Georgian tribes Č’ani (ჭანი) in Georgian).[4] There were Beyliks of Canik, before this region became a part of the Ottoman Empire. Assyrian, Urartian, Greek, and Roman documents reveal that in early historical times (2nd-1st millennia B.C.), the numerous Kartvelian tribes were in the process of migrating into the Caucasus from the southwest. The northern coast and coastal mountains of Asia Minor were dominated by Kartvelian peoples at least as far west as Samsun.


It is located on the north, Black Sea coast of Turkey.


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