Canadian General Electric

Canadian General Electric
Founded 1892

merger of Edison Electric Light Company of Canada and Thomson-Houston

Electric Light Company of Canada
Defunct 1989
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Area served
Products consumer appliances, electric equipment
General Electric Canada
Canadian unit
Founded 1989
Headquarters Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Area served
Key people
Jeff Immelt, CEO and Chair, General Electric Co.
Products consumer electronics, financial services, aviation, healthcare, oil & gas, rail, energy, water

Canadian General Electric (CGE, also known as GE Canada) was a Canadian manufacturer of various electrical products. The company was a forerunner of General Electric Canada, now known as GE Canada. It was the Canadian counterpart of the American company General Electric. The unit became General Electric Canada in 1989.

The early logo for Canadian General Electric, similar to the logo for General Electric in the U.S.A.

Canadian General Electric Co. Limited (CGE) was incorporated in Canada in 1892 as a merger of Edison Electric Light Company of Canada (of Hamilton, Ontario) and Thomson-Houston Electric Light Company of Canada (of Montreal), both incorporated in Canada in 1882.[1] The Canadian merger occurred in the same year as the merger of parent companies Edison General Electric (of Schenectady, New York) and Thomson-Houston Company (of Lynn, Massachusetts) into General Electric, which continues to the present day as a major international conglomerate.

CGE had about 500 employees at inception and was already producing generators, transformers, motors, wire and cable, and lighting products for consumer and industrial products.[2]

Label on a GE Canada AC Generator at the Limestone Generating Station in Manitoba, Canada.

Historic milestones

CGE had a long manufacturing history in Canada:[2]


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