Campeonato Ecuatoriano de Futbol Femenino

Campeonato Ecuatoriano de Futbol Femenino
Country Ecuador
Confederation CONMEBOL
Founded 2006
Current champions Rocafuerte

The Ecuadorian women's football championship (Spanish: Campeonato Ecuatoriano de Fútbol Femenino) is the national competition for women's football teams in Ecuador. The competition is organised by the Ecuadorian Football Federation. Until 2013, the tournament was played by divisional selections and not clubs. After a restructuring in 2013 clubs contest the league title. The winner qualifies to the Copa Libertadores Femenina.

As of 2014 all teams are amateur and do not pay their players, the only exception is Rocafuerte whichs pays small amounts of money.[1]


The national championship was announced and first held 2006.[2] It is open to representative teams of all provinces of Ecuador and not to clubs. In the first edition fifteen regions entered a team and eventually the Guayas selection finished on top of the Pichincha selection to become the first champions.[3]

In 2013 the league was restructured and is only played by clubs since then. 16 teams were divided into four groups of four. The top two advance and then form two groups of four. The top two teams advance to the semi-finals. For the 2014 season, the twelve best placed teams of the 2013 season will build the first league while the four last placed teams will play in a new second division.[4] Those divisions are called Serie A and Serie B and both start the 2014 season with twelve teams.

By 2014 the FEF committed to apply seminars by FIFA on female tournaments, on referees, coaching, directive, and players.[5]

The 2016 season had to be postponed, because of monetary problems.[6] Because of that the second stage was delayed until January 2017.[7] The top four team of each of the two groups qualified to the second stage.

2014 teams

Serie A consists of twelve teams:

List of champions

Below is the list of all champions.

Year Winner Result Runner-up
2006[3] Guayas selection round-robin Pichincha selection
2007[8] Pichincha selection 3–0 Imbabura selection
2008[9] Pichincha selection 0–0 (3–2 pen) Guayas selection
2009[10] Guayas selection 2–0 Tungurahua selection
2010[11] Pichincha selection 2–1 Guayas selection
2011[12] Chimborazo selection 1–1 (4–3 pen) Imbabura selection
2012[13] Loja selection[14] 1–0 Guayas selection
Club championship
2013[15] Rocafuerte 1–0 Quito FC
2014[16] Rocafuerte 7–1 Liga de Quito.
2015[17][18] Unión Española 5–1, 1–1 Espuce de Quito


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