Camber Sands (EP)

Camber Sands
EP by Fatboy Slim
Released November 19, 2002
Genre Big beat
Label Skint Records/Astralwerks
Producer Fatboy Slim
Fatboy Slim chronology
Camber Sands
The Pimp

Camber Sands is an EP released in 2002 by Fatboy Slim. It is the second in an EP series by Fatboy Slim.[1]

The album's title track was originally the B-side to "Demons".

Track listing

  1. "Camber Sands" (Cook) - 6:05
  2. "Drop the Hate" (Santos Napalm Reprise) (Cook, Daniels) - 7:27
  3. "Song for Shelter" (Chemical Brothers mix) (Clark, Slim) - 7:02
  4. "Demons" (Stanton Warriors Dub) (Cook, Gray, Jackson, Withers) - 6:21
  5. "Retox" (Dave Clarke Mix) (Cook) - 5:22
  6. "Weapon of Choice" (Instrumental) (Cook, Collins, Slater) - 5:39


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