Call of Cochin

The Call of Cochin (Appel de Cochin) is a famous discourse published on December 6, 1978 by Jacques Chirac, former Prime Minister of France, president of the Rally for the Republic (RPR) party, and mayor of Paris.

Its name derives from the name of the Parisian hospital (Hôpital Cochin) in which Chirac was then being treated following from a car accident in the Corrèze département on November 26. Chirac was then also president of the General Council of the département, and one of its deputies to the National Assembly.

This eurosceptic text, clearly alluding to then president Valéry Giscard d'Estaing and his Union for French Democracy party, criticized the pro-federalist approach of those who sought to expand the power of the European Economic Community. Chirac went even as far as to describe them (without naming them openly) as the "party of the foreigners".

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