Cal State Fullerton Titans

CSUF Titans
University CSUF
Conference Big West Conference
NCAA Division I
Athletic director Jim Donovan
Location Fullerton, California
Varsity teams 7 men's & 9 women's
Basketball arena Titan Gym
Baseball stadium Goodwin Field
Soccer stadium Titan Stadium
Mascot Tuffy the Titan (Elephant)
Nickname Titans
Fight song For our dear old Fullerton!

Cal State Fullerton (aka CSUF or Fullerton Titans) are the athletic teams that represent California State University, Fullerton. The Titans are a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) at the Division I level. The Titans compete within the Big West Conference (BWC) for most sports, wrestling competes as a member of the Pac-12 Conference (Pac-12) and gymnastics competes as a member of the Western Athletic Conference (WAC). CSUF has won 13 national championships in eight different sports.


The CSUF Titans Athletic Department sponsors the following Intercollegiate Sports:

Men's Intercollegiate Athletic Teams

Women's Intercollegiate Athletic Teams

Dropped programs


See also: The National Classic (high-school tournament at CSUF)
Goodwin Field, home to CSUF Titan's baseball team.

Baseball is Cal State Fullerton's strongest athletic program. The Titans are consistently rated among the nation's elite baseball programs. They have won four national championships in the NCAA Men's Baseball College World Series since 1979: 1979, 1984, 1995, and 2004. Home games are played on campus at Goodwin Field. The team is currently coached by Rick Vanderhook. As of the end of the 2007 season, there had been 43 MLB players who played for the school.

Men's Basketball

A topiary on the north side of Titan Gym

Previous Titans Head Men's Basketball Coaches


Titans Players in the NBA(Pro Basketball League)


Women's basketball


Titans Women's Basketball Postseason Berths


Previous Titans Women's Basketball Head Coaches


Titan Women's Basketball News

Men's Cross Country

Head Coach John Elders has directed his Titan program since 1988 - 26 season's for both the Men's & Women's Teams

Women's Cross Country


The CSUF football program, discontinued in 1992, set NCAA Division 1-A records for most fumbles (73) in a single season and Most Fumbles Lost (41) in a single season.[7] Several Titans moved on to the NFL, including NY Giants standout Mark Collins. It also produced three Canadian Football League players: Mike Pringle who is the league's all-time leading rusher, Damon Allen, the league's all-time leading passer until October 2011, and Allen Pitts, the league's all-time leading receiver until 2008 when he was passed by Milt Stegall. There is currently an effort,[8] including a petition,[9] to reinstate the football team.

Titans Football Career Leader Stats


Historical Titans Head Football Coaches

Overall Titans Football Record - 107 Wins - 150 Losses - 3 Ties[11]

Noteworthy Titans Assistant Football Coaches(Coaching Incubator)


The Titan softball team has appeared in eight Women's College World Series, in 1980, 1981, 1982 (NCAA), 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1995.[12]

Head Coach Judi Garman directed the team from 1980-1999 overall record 913-376-4 Won/Loss/Tie result.

Head Coach Michelle Gromacki directed the team from 2000-2012 overall record 424-302-1 Won/Loss/Tie result.

2013 Head Coach Kelly Ford currently is leading the team.

2004 United States Olympic Games Athlete "Titans Three-Time All-American" Jenny Topping won a gold medal as a member of the team in Athens, Greece.

28 Titan Softball All-Americans

  • Pam Eddie(1981)
  • Janet Lloyd(1981)
  • Sue Lewis(1981-1982 & 1984)
  • Kathy Van Wyk(1982)
  • Elise King(1983)
  • Susan Lefebvre(1983 & 1986)
  • Terri Oberg(1985)
  • Debbie Mygind(1985)
  • Joanne Ferreri(1985)
  • Chenita Rodgers(1986-1987)
  • Connie Clark(1987)
  • Val Douglas(1988)
  • Missy Coombes(1989)
  • Carey Hess(1989)
  • Joy Tiner(1990)
  • Ann Van Dortrecht(1990)
  • Tiffany Boyd(1991-1992)
  • Paula Debree(1991)
  • Denise Dewalt(1992-1993)
  • Chris Zboril(1995)
  • Stephanie Little(1999)
  • Monica Lucatero(2000)
  • Jenny Topping(2001-2003)
  • Yasmin Mossadeghi(2002)
  • Gina Oaks(2002-2003)
  • Jodie Cox(2003)
  • Julie Watson(2004)
  • Kiki Munoz(2008)
  • Missy Taukeiaho(2014-2015)


The Dance Team

The Dance Team performs at men and women's home basketball games and is also very successful at a competitive level. From 2000-06, they won the Universal Dance Association National Championship 6 out of 7 years. The CSUF Dance Team has won the past 4 consecutive years from 2010-2013 and currently holds 12 National Titles for UDA Division 1 Jazz.


Previous Titans Women's Head Tennis Coaches

Titans Noteworthy Tennis Matchplay

Titans Individual Yearly Results in Big West All-Conference Women's Tennis

  • 1989 Kelli Moore & Caroline Sporer - Second Team Doubles
  • 1990 Roseann Alva - Second Team Singles
  • 1990 Roseann Alva & Kelli Moore - Second Team Doubles
  • 1991 Kelli Moore - Second Team Singles
  • 1991 Roseann Alva & Kelli Moore - First Team Doubles
  • 1993 Roseann Alva - Second Team Singles
  • 1998 Debbie Vonusa & Amy Medlin - Second Team Doubles
  • 1999 Eleanor Luzano & Summer Tantee - Second Team Doubles
  • 2000 Eleanor Luzano & Amy Medlin - Second Team Doubles
  • 2001 Eleanor Luzano & Adriana Hockicko - Second Team Doubles
  • 2002 Carla Rocha & Ana Iacob - Honorable Mention Doubles
  • 2004 Ruya Inapulat - Honorable Mention Singles
  • 2004 Ruya Inapulat & Ioana Sisoe - Honorable Mention Doubles
  • 2005 Ruya Inapulat - Second Team Singles
  • 2005 Gina Le - Honorable Mention Singles
  • 2005 Ruya Inapulat & Gina Le - Honorable Mention Doubles
  • 2006 Gina Le - Second Team Singles
  • 2006 Ruya Inapulat - Honorable Mention Singles
  • 2006 Ruya Inapulat & Gina Le - Second Team Doubles

  • 2007 Gina Le - Second Team Singles
  • 2007 Gina Le & Mai-Ly Tran - Second Team Doubles
  • 2010 Tiffany Mai - Honorable Mention Singles
  • 2011 Tiffany Mai - Honorable Mention Singles
  • 2012 Tiffany Mai - Second Team Singles
  • 2012 Tiffany Mai & Morgan McIntosh - Honorable Mention Doubles
  • 2013 Tiffany Mai - Second Team Singles
  • 2013 Morgan McIntosh & Kalika Slevcove - Second Team Doubles
  • 2014 Morgan McIntosh & Camille De Leon - Second Team Doubles
  • 2014 Morgan McIntosh - Second Team Singles
  • 2014 Alexis Valenzuela - First Team Singles (23-6 Overall and 15-4 Singles Dual Play Season Records)
  • 2015 Alexis Valenzuela - First Team Singles
  • 2015 Megan Sandford & Camille De Leon - Second Team Doubles
  • 2015 Camille De Leon - Honorable Mention Singles
  • 2016 Alexis Valenzuela - First Team Singles
  • 2016 Sarah Nuno - Honorable Mention Singles
  • 2016 Camille De Leon & Alexis Valenzuela - First Team Doubles


Discontinued Historical Titans Men's Tennis Head Coaches Roster

  • Steve Warfield (1975/Most of the Season)
  • Ron Witchey (1975/Last Part of the Season, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979)
  • Jan Billings (1980, 1981, 1982)
  • Ed Burt (1983, 1984)
  • Buff Bogard (1985/First Half Season)
  • Eric Sherbeck (1985/Last Half Season)
  • Mike Muscare (1986, 1987)

Men's Track & Field

Head Coach John Elders has directed the Titans Track men's program since 1988 – 27 years season's.

100M Jon Pratter 10.46 2007
200M Kevin Howard 21.23 1999
400M Brandon Campbell 46.98 2000
800M Nate Heggenberger 1:51.42 1997
1500M Steve Frisone 3:48.98 1994
3000M Jordan Horn 8:17.13 2007
3000M SC Mike Tansley 8:41.27 1994
5000M Jordan Horn 14:06.09 2005
10,000M Jordan Horn 29:02.57 2007
110m Hurdles Lamar Jackson 14.34 2007
400m Hurdles Richard Adams 51.28 2001
4 × 100 m Relay McCullum F., Williams, Brown, Campbell 40.15 2002
4 × 400 m Relay Brown, McCullum F., Campbell, Ortega 3:10.46 2002
Long Jump Brandon Campbell 25'4.5" 2001
Triple Jump Joe Thomas 51'11.25" 2004
High Jump Brandon Campbell 7'4.5" 2001
Pole Vault Giovanni Lanaro 18'4.5" 2004
Shot Put Don Turri 59'11" 1973
Discus Throw Fritz Coffman 176'4" 1974
Javelin Throw Rob Vazquez 228'11.5" 1991
Javelin Throw (Old Table) Jim Feeney 243'4" 1972
Hammer Throw Scott Hutchinson 189'9" 2007
Decathlon Brandon Campbell 6,637 Points 2000
Decathlon (Old Table) Paul Fink 7,067 Points 1974
Titans Men's Outdoor School Track Records (Imperial Distances)
100YDS. Sam Small 9.6h 1975
220YDS. Sam Small 21.4h 1975
440YDS. Steve Wennerstrom 47.1h 1970
880 YDS. Mike Eck 1:49.2h 1968
One-Miles Jim Woodward 4:05.9h 1973
Two-Miles John Casco 8:47.7h 1972
Three-Miles John Casco & Dave White 13.42.0h 1971/1973
Six Miles Mark Covert 28:08.3h 1971
Marathon Doug Schmenk 2:16.33 1972
120 YD. Hurdles Ed Hill 14.4h 1967
440 YD. Hurdles Jerry Huss 52.4h 1973
440 YD. Relay Small, Everage, Lloyd, Tavie 41.2h 1975
880 YD. Relay Maikisch, Tiscaareno, Titus, ? 1:27.4h 1971
One-Mile Relay Ankerman, Bryan, Thomas, Lloyd 3:14.6h 1975
Sprint Medley Eck, Ochoa, Smith, Stratton 3:26.5h 1968
Two-Mile Relay Love, Tubb, Keane, Payan 7:36.0h 1971
Distance Relay Wilson, Wooley, Baird, Tubb 9:55.4 1972

Women's Track & Field

Head Coach John Elders has led the Titans since 1988.

Assistant Coaches Marques Barosso (Sprinters/Hurdles/Relays), Chris Witscher (Throws), Estelle Naito (Pole Vault), Reny Colton (Jumps/Combined Events), Dylan Knight (Middle/Long Distance) are the current coaching staff for the Titans.

100M Ciara Short 11.58 2011
200M Ciara Short 23.28 2011
400M Ciara Short 51.85 2011
800M Lakeysha McClenton 2:09.75 2002
1500M Mary Kenney 4:28.50 1989
3000M Mary Kenney 9:43.83 1987
3000M SC Juliane Masciana 10:15.96 2009
5000M Carolyn Ellis 16:33.72 2010
10,000M Grace Gonzales 35:02.16 2008
100m Hurdles Lauren Williams 13.22 2009
400m Hurdles Destany Cearley 1:00.51 2006
400m Relay Short, Williams, Evans, Chang 45.52 2010
1600m Relay Wilson, Blake, McClellan, Hudson 3:39.18 2007
Long Jump Anna Doty 19'5 1/4 2002
Triple Jump Anna Doty 41'5 3/4 2001
High Jump Loren Gualco 5'7 3/4 1998
Pole Vault Jennifer Clarke 12'10 1/4 2003
Shot Put Jameena Hunt 48'10 3/4 2009
Discus Throw Jameena Hunt 173'9 2009
Javelin Throw Karen Bardsley 135'4 2007
Hammer Throw Jameena Hunt 185'1 2010
Hepthalon Lacey Welborn 4,508 Points 2003
6k XC Grace Gonzales 20:42.20 2008
5k XC Grace Gonzales 17:06.10 2008

Men's Soccer

There were five Head Coaches from 1965 to 1974 before they became a Division 1 soccer program.

Titans in men's professional soccer

Titans on Represented on United States Olympic Men's Soccer Squads include

Women's Soccer

Head Coach Demian Brown since 2007 has had a successful tenure with the Titans with three Big West Conference Titles and being named Big West Conference Soccer Coach of the Year twice in 2007 and 2012. He led the Titans to a NCAA Tournament appearance in 2007 as a first year head coach and again in 2013 to a NCAA Tournament berth and Big West Conference Title. Brown as an assistant Titan coach had helped the Titans to NCAA Tournament appearances in 2005 a "Sweet 16" Tournament performance and in 2006 a Second Round berth in the tournament and two Big West Conference Titles.

Women's Volleyball

Titans Women's Volleyball All Americans

Titans on USA Women's Volleyball Rosters


Wrestling dates to 1968 at Cal State Fullerton. The Titans never won a team championship but boast 31 conference champions, 12 Div. I and 3 Div. II All-Americans and 87 NCAA Div. I national qualifiers including at least one in each of the last 26 seasons. Titan Wrestling competed in Division I in the PAC-10 conference, as the Big West Conference did not support wrestling. Cal State Fullerton's intercollegiate wrestling program was discontinued after 43 years at the conclusion of the 2010-11 season. The program was given the opportunity to continue operating if it could fund its own annual budget. An action was considered at the end of the 2009-10 season, an extensive fund-raising campaign for the 2010-11 season came up short of the $196,145 cash deposited goal by the Aug. 2 deadline.[16] Two former Titan wrestler's include current UFC Bantamweight Champion T.J. Dillashaw and former Pride/Strikeforce/UFC Champion Dan Henderson


They have 13 national championships in eight different sports, a portion of which were won in the College Division of the NCAA (now known as Division I): 1970, Women's Basketball (CIAW); 1971, 1972, 1974 Men's Gymnastics; 1971 Cross country team; 1973 Women's Fencing; 1989, Men's Bowling; 1979, Women's Gymnastics; 1979, 1984, 1995, 2004 Baseball; 1986; Softball.

Former Titans Athletic Directors

Titans Athletic Hall of Fame Members

Bobby Dye Men's Basketball Head Coach
Mike Fox Men's Soccer
Carol Johnston Women's Gymastics
1995 NCAA National Championship Team Baseball
Bruce Bowen Men's Basketball
Brent Mayne Baseball
Lynn Rogers Women's Gymastics Head Coach
Susan Lewis-Newton Softball
Merilyn & Jerry Goodwin Titan Athletic Supporters
Damon Allen Football
Connie Clark Softball
Barbie Myslak-Roetert Women's Gymastics
Gene Murphy Head Football Coach
Dan Boone Baseball
Mark Collins Football
Judi Garman Softball
Heather Killeen-Frisone Cross Country/Track & Field
Mark Kotsay Baseball
Phil Nevin Baseball
Leon Wood Basketball
Greg Bunch Men's Basketball
Nancy Dunkle Women's Basketball
Tami Elliott-Harrison Women's Gymastics
Augie Garrido Baseball
Susan LeFebvre Softball
Eugenia Miller-Rycraw Women's Basketball
Tim Wallach Baseball


The Sports Complex is a multipurpose stadium created in conjunction with the Fullerton Marriott and the City of Fullerton. The complex includes: the 10,000-seat Titan Stadium, the Goodwin Baseball Field that seats more than 4,000, two lighted softball diamonds and a lighted track. The Titan Gym can hold about 4,000 people for the school's home basketball (men’s and women’s), wrestling, women’s gymnastics and women’s volleyball events. It also holds an outdoor swimming complex, Renovated in 1992 12 Outdoor Collegiate Tennis Courts for Men's and Women's NCAA Division 1 Teams, racquetball courts, weight-training facilities, a gymnastics practice facility, facilities for wrestling, fencing rooms, an indoor archery range, and dance studios.


Because of the proximity to Long Beach State, the schools are considered rivals. The rivalry is especially heated when it comes to baseball with Long Beach State also having a competitive college baseball program. This of one of few sports where at least two teams from the Big West Conference appear in the NCAA national tournament. Fullerton also has an intense rivalry with Big West stablemate UC Irvine; the two are the only Orange County schools in Division I.


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