Cahill (band)

This article is about the band named after Tim Cahill. For other uses, see Cahill.
Also known as Beatplayers
Origin Liverpool / Cheshire
Genres Electronic dance music, House music, Funky house, Electro house
Years active 2007–present
Labels 3 Beat, AATW
Associated acts Nikki Belle, Dario G, Bailey & Rossko
Website Cahill Facebook
Cahill Twitter
Cahill Soundcloud
Members Anton Powers
Tim Condran
Scott Rosser

Cahill /ˈkhɪl/ are a dance group, based in Liverpool, UK consisting of producers Anton Powers, Tim Condran and Scott Rosser. They are best known for their 2008 single, Trippin' On You, which features vocals from Nikki Belle.


Cahill are named after Tim Cahill, the star midfielder for Everton F.C., the team Anton Powers supports. The three producers and Nikki Belle recorded the song "Trippin' On You" in 2007, and the song became popular in Liverpool's nightclubs, before it appeared on the Clubland 13 compilation album. The song got a good reception and it then went to promo on Anton Powers and Tim Condran's record label, 3 Beat Blue (formerly Boss Records).

After the song's popularity grew, a music video was made in February 2007 ready for the song's full single release on 3 Beat Blue/All Around the World. "Trippin' On You" was playlisted by Radio 1, Galaxy and MTV Dance. The song was adopted as a signature track for WAGs - Abbey Clancy, Alex Curran, Coleen Rooney and Elen Rives.[1]

Band members

Scott Rosser
Scott Rosser is a producer from Cheshire, who has sold 4 million records worldwide with Dario G. He now runs a recording studio in Cheshire and does remixes with Daz Bailey as 'Bailey & Rossko'.

Anton Powers
Anton Powers is a DJ/producer from Liverpool. He is well known for performing DJ sets in Liverpool and North West England. Also runs Liverpool-based record labels 3 Beat Blue and 3 Beat Red. In addition, he has his own radio show on Radio City 96.7.

Tim Condran
Tim Condran is a DJ and producer from Crosby. He also runs 3 Beat Blue and 3 Beat Red with Anton Powers as well as DJing as Cahill.





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