Cagliari railway station


Exterior of the station building.

Exterior of the station building.
Location Piazza Matteotti
09123 Cagliari
Cagliari, Cagliari, Sardinia
Coordinates 39°12′56″N 9°6′32″E / 39.21556°N 9.10889°E / 39.21556; 9.10889Coordinates: 39°12′56″N 9°6′32″E / 39.21556°N 9.10889°E / 39.21556; 9.10889
Operated by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana
Line(s) Cagliari-Oristano-Olbia-Golfo Aranci[1]
Platforms 4 (8 tracks)
Train operators Trenitalia
Opened 1879 (1879)
Location within Sardinia

Cagliari is the main railway station of the Italian city of Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia. It is owned by the Ferrovie dello Stato, the national rail company of Italy, and is the most important station of its region. The station is sometimes unofficially named Cagliari Centrale and Cagliari Piazza Matteotti. This second name is due to station's position on Giacomo Matteotti Square.


The station was inaugurated in July 1879, as terminus of the central Sardinian line to Oristano, Ozieri and Olbia. In 1893 it was linked to the port for freight traffic. In the late 1980s, due to the construction of a second track on the Cagliari-Decimomannu line,[2] the station was renovated and a fourth platform (to host a total of 8 passenger tracks) was built.

Structure and transport

Cagliari station is located in the middle of the city and counts a railway depot 200 m in north and parallel to the line. The station building has three floors and, at the top, a sculpture representing the coat of arms of the city and the inscription "FERROVIE DELLO STATO".

The station, which like the other stations in Sardinia is not electrified,[3] is served by regional trains linking it to almost all the island towns, excluding some as Nuoro or Alghero.[4]

Other station

Cagliari had a separate railway station, for Ferrovie della Sardegna (FdS), at Piazza della Repubblica. However, in 2008, the FdS line from Mandas was cut back to Monserrato, and the track beyond was taken over by trams of the Cagliari light rail system.


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