Caccaveddu from Sartène

Cacavellu (Corsican; pl. cacavelli; also caccavellu; caccaveddu in Suttanacciu dialect; from Latin cacabus ("cooking pot") [1]) is a Corsican cake generally shaped as a crown, made of yeast dough. [2] It is a typical dessert of the village of Vico. [2]

In the cuisine of Corsica exists also a yeast cake called too caccaveddu, typical of the region around Sartène in southern Corsica: it is akin to the Campanile cake and like that is also traditionally prepared for Easter. [2]


Its main ingredients are wheat flour, yeast, salt, egg, sugar, shortening (sdruttu), aquavita, brocciu, grated orange zest and olive oil. [2] After dissolving yeast in some warm water, flour, eggs, aquavita are mixed into a dough, which is kneaded and left to rest one hour. Then brocciu is passed through a sieve and mixed with eggs, sugar and grated orange zest. The dough is rolled out as a disk, the brocciu mix is put on its outer part, then a hole is made in the middle and the edges of the dough are raised and pressed together enclosing the mix in it, so that a doughnut results. [2] The cake is put on a plate greased with olive oil and is baked one hour in warm oven. [2]


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