Cabinet of the Dominican Republic

The Cabinet of the Dominican Republic is chosen by the President of the Republic and can be removed by the president at any time. The cabinet ministers were known as Secretaries of State until 26 January 2010 with the proclamation of the new Constitution.

Current Cabinet

Danilo Medina won the election in the elections on 16 May 2012. Some members of the previous cabinet were reconfirmed in their same positions.

These are the current ministers of the cabinet:

Portfolio Office Incumbent Image in Office since

Ministry of the Presidency
Minister of the PresidencyGustavo Montalvo16 August 2012

Ministry of Armed Forces
Minister of Armed ForcesLieutenant general, E.N William Munoz Deglado16 August 2014

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Foreign AffairsAndres Navarro15 September 2014

Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development
Minister of Economy, Planning and DevelopmentJuan Temístocles Montás16 August 2004

Attorney General
Attorney GeneralFrancisco Domínguez Brito16 August 2012

Ministry of Interior and Police
Minister of Interior and PoliceJosé Ramón Fadul28 February 2011

Ministry of Finance
Minister of FinanceSimón Lizardo16 August 2012

Ministry of Education
Minister of EducationCarlos Amarante Baret 28 February 2011

Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance
Minister of Public Health and Social AssistanceAltagracia Guzman Marcelino10 October 2014

Ministry of Public Works and Communications
Minister of Public Works and CommunicationsGonzalo Castillo16 August 2012

Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
Minister of Environment and Natural ResourcesGabriel Esteban Guzman Polanco16 August 2012

Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Minister of Industry and CommerceJosé Del Castillo Saviñón16 August 2012

Ministry of Agriculture
Minister of AgricultureAngel Estevez16 August 2014

Ministry of Tourism
Minister of TourismFrancisco J. García16 August 2008

Ministry Administrative of the Presidency
Minister Administrative of the PresidencyJosé Ramón Peralta16 August 2012

Ministry of High Education, Science and Technology
Minister of High Education, Science and TechnologyLigia Amada Melo16 August 2004

Ministry of Labour
Minister of LabourMaritza Hernández16 August 2012

Ministry of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation
Minister of Sports, Physical Education and RecreationJaime David Fernández Mirabal16 August 2012

Ministry of Public Administration
Minister of Public AdministrationRamón Ventura Camejo16 August 2007

Ministry of Culture
Minister of CultureJosé Antonio Rodríguez16 August 2012

Ministry of Women
Minister of WomenOscar Antonio Mendoza, Jr.16 August 2010

Ministry of Youth
Minister of YouthCristian Ivan Guzman16 August 2011

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