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The Cabinet constitutes the executive branch and has general direction and control of the Government of The Bahamas. It is necessary for the Cabinet to comprise at least nine Ministers inclusive of the Prime Minister and Attorney General. All Ministers are Members of Parliament of either the House of Assembly or the Senate. The number of Ministers from the Senate is limited to three. In addition the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance are required to be members of the House of Assembly. The functions of the Cabinet entail the final determination of government policy, control of government activities and coordination of government Ministries and Departments. The Cabinet meets at least once per week to consider various issues.[1]


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Name Position Date of appointment
Rt. Hon. Perry Christie, MP Prime Minister and Minister of Finance May 8, 2012
Hon. Phillip "Brave" Davis, MP Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Works and Urban Development May 9, 2012
Hon. Frederick A. Mitchell, MP Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration May 10, 2012
Hon. Glenys Hanna Martin, MP Minister of Transport and Aviation May 10, 2012
Hon. Melanie Griffin, MP Minister of Social Services and Community Development May 10, 2012
Hon. Dr. Michael Darville, MP Minister for Grand Bahama May 10, 2012
Hon. Dr. Perry Gomez, MP Ministry of Health and Social Development (Bahamas) May 10, 2012
Hon. Kenred Dorsett, MP Minister of the Environment and Housing May 10, 2012
Hon. Daniel Johnson, MP Minister of Youth Sports and Culture May 10, 2012
Hon. Ryan Pinder, MP Minister of Financial Services May 10, 2012
Hon. Jerome Fitzgerald, MP Minister of Education, Science, and Technology May 10, 2012
Hon. Shane D. Gibson, MP Minister of Labour and National Insurance May 10, 2012
Hon. V. Alfred Gray, MP Minister of Agriculture, Marine Resources, and Local Government May 10, 2012
Hon. Sen. Z. C. Allyson Maynard Gibson, MP Attorney General, Minister of Legal Affairs
Hon. Dr. Bernard J. Nottage, MP Minister of National Security May 10, 2012
Hon. Obediah Wilchombe, MP Minister of Tourism May 10, 2012

State Ministers

Hon. Michael Halkitis Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance

Hon. Hope Strachan Minister of State in the Ministry of Transport and Aviation

Hon. Khaalis Rolle Minister of State for Investments in the Office of the Prime Minister

Hon. Sen. Keith Bell Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security

The Hon. Damien Gomez Minister of State in the Ministry of Legal Affairs


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