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The Cabinet of Sudan is the chief executive body of the Republic of Sudan.

Current National Ministers

Office Incumbent Website Since
Prime Minister
First Lieu. General S.G Bakri Hassan Saleh Minister of the Presidency Affairs
Dr. Luka Biong Minister of the Council of Ministers
Lieu. General. Ahmed Awad Ibn Auf Minister of National Defense
Mr. Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamad Minister of Interior
Mr. Ibrahim Ghandour Minister of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Mohammed Bushara Dousa Minister of Justice
Mr. Ali Mahmoud Abdul-Rasool Minister of Finance & National Economy
Minister of Science and Communication (down)
Mr. Kamal Abdul-Latif Abdul-Rahim Minister of Human Resources Development
Dr. Abdul-Halim Ismail Al- Mutaafi Minister of Agriculture
Dr. Awad Ahmed Al- Jaz Minister of Industry
Dr. Azhari Al- Tigani Awad Al-Sayid Minister of Guidance and Endowments
Mr. Kamal Mohamed Obeid Minister of Information
Kamaladdin Hassan Ali[1] [2] Minister of International Cooperation
Mr. Lual Achuil Deng Minister of Petroleum
Dr. Peter Adok Nyaba Minister of High Education & Scientific Research
Mr. Farah Mustafa Abdalla Minister of Public Education
Mr. Kamal Ali Mohammad Ahmed Minister of Irrigation & Water Resources
Eng Mr. Osama Abdalla Mohamed Al - Hassan Minister of Electricity
Minister of Dams
Mr. Eissa Bashari Mohamed Minister of Science & Technology
Mr. Al - Samawa'al Khalafalla Al- Quraish Minister of Culture
Dr. Abdalla Tiya Juma Minister of Health (down)
Ustaza\ Amira Al- Fadil Mohamed Ahmed Minister of Welfare & Social Security
Mr. Haj Magid Siwar Minister of Youth And Sports
Mr. Chol Ram Pang Minister of Transportation
Dr. Mostafa Osman Ismail Minister of Investment
Professor / Elias Nyamlel Wakoson Minister of Foreign Trade
Dr. Abdul-Bagi Al- Jailani Minister of Minerals
Dr. Ahmed Babekir Nahar Minister of Antiquities, Tourism & Wildlife
Eng. Joseph Malwal Dong Minister of Environment, Forestry & Physical Development
Mr. Abdul - Wahab Mohamed Osman Minister of Roads & Bridges
Ustaza / Halima Hassaballah Al- Naeem Minister of Parliamentary Affairs
Mr. Dak Dob Bishok Minister of Labor
Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim Minister of Animal Resources & Fisheries
Mr. Joseph Lual Achuil Minister of Humanitarian Affairs
Dr. Yahiya Abdallah Mohamed Hamad Minister of Communications & Information Technology


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