C'mon Everybody (album)

C'mon Everybody
Compilation album by Elvis Presley
Released July, 1971
Recorded July 2, 1961 - September 28, 1966
Genre Rock
Length 22:58
Label RCA Camden
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C'mon Everybody
The Other Sides – Elvis Worldwide Gold Award Hits Vol. 2

C'mon Everybody is a compilation album by Elvis Presley released on July 1, 1971.[1] All tracks from this album originated from four of Elvis's films and were only released on soundtrack EP's prior to this issue. The remaining EP tracks from the same four movies were compiled into another album, I Got Lucky, released three months later.[2] C'Mon Everybody was certified Gold on January 6, 2004 by the Recording Industry Association of America.[3]

Track listing

Side one
No. TitleWriter(s)Recording date Length
1. "C'mon Everybody" (from Viva Las Vegas)Joy ByersJuly 9, 1963 2:18
2. "Angel" (from Follow That Dream)Sid Tepper, Roy C. BennettJuly 2, 1961 2:38
3. "Easy Come, Easy Go" (from Easy Come, Easy Go)Ben Weisman, Sid WayneSeptember 28, 1966 2:10
4. "A Whistling Tune" (from Kid Galahad)Sherman Edwards, Hal DavidOctober 26, 1961 2:38
5. "Follow That Dream" (from Follow That Dream)Fred Wise, Ben WeismanJuly 2, 1961 1:37
Side two
No. TitleWriter(s)Recording date Length
1. "King Of The Whole Wide World" (from Kid Galahad)Ruth Batchelor, Bob RobertsOctober 27, 1961 2:07
2. "I'll Take Love" (from Easy Come, Easy Go)Dolores Fuller, Mark BarkanSeptember 28, 1966 2:13
3. "Today, Tomorrow And Forever" (from Viva Las Vegas)Mack David, Sherman EdwardsJuly 2, 1961 3:25
4. "I'm Not The Marrying Kind" (from Follow That Dream)Ben Weisman, Fred WiseOctober 27, 1961 1:50
5. "This Is Living" (from Kid Galahad)Bill Giant, Bernie Baum, Florence KayeJuly 11, 1963 1:43



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