Business School Lausanne

Business School Lausanne
Motto Leading Innovator in Business Education
Type Private business school
Established 1987
Dean Katrin Muff
Director Philippe Du Pasquier
Academic staff
Students 250+
Location Chavannes, Vaud, Switzerland
Campus Chavannes, Lausanne

Business School Lausanne (BSL) is a private business school located in Lausanne, Switzerland, and is part of the Lemania Group of Swiss Private Schools.[1][2]

History & Mission

BSL was founded in 1987 by Dr. John Hobbs.[3] The current President is Philippe Du Pasquier[4] and the Dean is Dr. Katrin Muff.[5] The faculty consists of 50 professors.[6]

The school is specialized in providing business and management education with emphasis on sustainability, responsible leadership, and entrepreneurship.[7]

Degree Programs

BSL offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs.

The BSL Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program provides undergraduates with a foundation in all areas of business. BSL offers two types of master's degrees: Master of Arts in International Business and Master of Science in International Finance. Each master's program offers a number of optional specializations, including Marketing, Luxury Management and Sustainable Business.[8]

The BSL MBA curriculum comprises a range of required core courses (foundation part) and electives (integration part). The core courses cover traditional management disciplines including finance, organizational behaviour, marketing, corporate strategy, operations management, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and leadership development modules in self-management, communication and cooperation skills, and managing and developing others.

BSL offers a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) program is a three-year part-time program for experienced business professionals or teaching scholars interested in research in the domain of business sustainability.[9]

BSL offers an Executive MBA curriculum with courses covering traditional management disciplines including finance, organizational behaviour, marketing, corporate strategy, operations management, sustainability and entrepreneurship.

BSL offers an executive program in Sustainable Business in collaboration with the University of St. Gallen and the support of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.[10][11]

BSL offers 3-day Management Seminars covering all management disciplines including finance, organizational behaviour, marketing, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and leadership development training in self-management and communication. BSL also offers a range of continuing education programs such as Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) programs in Project Management; Global Impact Management; Business Strategy; Leadership and Management; Financial Analysis; Investments and Banking; Business Law.


BSL's programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) since 1996.[12] ACBSP is a U.S. accreditation organization recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) offering accreditation services to business programs focused on teaching and learning.

BSL is not accredited by the Swiss OAQ, indicating it is not recognized as state university in Switzerland.[13] BSL has the status of H- Institution ohne Hochschulrang in the German Anabin database, indicating it is not accredited as state university in Germany.[14]


BSL ranks third in Switzerland and 28th in Europe in the QS Global 200 Business Schools Report 2014-15.[15][16]

BSL ranked 50th in Europe in the QS Global 200 Business Schools Report 2012/13,[17] and 48th in Europe in the 2013/2014 Europe QS ranking.[18]


BSL is a member of the Swiss Federation of Private Schools[19] as well as the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).[20] BSL is signatory of the Principles for Responsible Management Education PRME.[21] BSL has committed to the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact since 2006 and is an associate member of the Swiss local network.[22] BSL is the co-founder of the 50+20 initiative on Management Education for the World.[23][24]


BSL was appointed the representative of the Kofi Annan Business School Foundation for Switzerland in 2012. As part of the foundation, BSL provides students from developing countries with business education free of charge through its full-time Master’s and MBA degree programs. Kofi Annan Fellows are expected to contribute to the strengthening of entrepreneurial capacity and the fostering of a stable market economy as an effective catalyst for their country’s development, job creation and poverty alleviation.[25]

Publications by BSL academics


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