Burundi–United States relations

Burundi – United States relations


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Burundi–United States relations are the international relations between Burundi and the United States. Official U.S. Government goals in Burundi are "to help the people of Burundi realize a just and lasting peace based upon democratic principles and sustainable economic development." The United States encourages political stability, ongoing democratic reforms, political openness, respect for human rights, and economic development in Burundi. In the long term, the United States seeks to strengthen the process of internal reconciliation and democratization within all the states of the region to promote a stable, democratic community of nations that will work toward mutual social, economic, and security interests on the continent.

The United States supported the Arusha peace process, providing financial support through its assessed contributions to a UN peacekeeping force established in 2003.

In 2011, the US sent a military aid package worth $45 million to Burundi and Uganda, which included four drone aircraft.[1]

Principal U.S. officials

Diplomatic missions

The U.S. Embassy is located in Bujumbura.

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