Burgos CF (I)

Full name Burgos Club de Fútbol
Founded 1936
Dissolved 1983
Ground El Plantío, Burgos,
Castile and León, Spain
Ground Capacity 13,468

Burgos Club de Fútbol was a Spanish football club based in Burgos, in the autonomous community of Castile and León. Founded in 1936, it managed six seasons in the first division, mainly in the late 1970s.

Due to serious economic debts, it disappeared in 1983. Eleven years later, José María Quintano, a local entrepreneur, decided to refound the club with the same name, and it started competing again, in the regional leagues, completely independent from its predecessor.

Season to season

Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1943/44 4th
1944/45 2nd
1945/46 7th
1946/47 1st
1947/48 3rd
1948/49 11th
1949/50 18th
1950/51 3rd
1951/52 1st
1952/53 16th
1953/54 8th
1954/55 1st
1955/56 1st
1956/57 19th
Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1957/58 2nd
1958/59 7th
1959/60 1st
1960/61 2nd
1961/62 11th
1962/63 10th
1963/64 7th
1964/65 6th
1965/66 5th
1966/67 14th
1967/68 8th
1968/69 12th
1969/70 14th
1970/71 2nd
Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1971/72 15th
1972/73 18th
1973/74 16th
1974/75 9th
1975/76 1st
1976/77 14th
1977/78 12th
1978/79 13th
1979/80 17th
1980/81 15th
1981/82 9th
1982/83 2ªB 3rd

Famous players

Famous managers

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