Burgo de Osma Cathedral

Cathedral of Burgo de Osma

Cathedral of Burgo de Osma
Basic information
Geographic coordinates 41°35′08″N 3°04′16″W / 41.585629°N 3.071°W / 41.585629; -3.071Coordinates: 41°35′08″N 3°04′16″W / 41.585629°N 3.071°W / 41.585629; -3.071
Affiliation Catholic
Prefecture Roman Catholic Diocese of Osma-Soria
Province Province of Soria
Region Castile and León
Status Active
Architectural description
Architectural type Cathedral
Architectural style Gothic, Baroque, Neoclassic
Groundbreaking 1232
Completed 1784
Height (max) 72m/236ft[1]

The Cathedral of Burgo de Osma is a Gothic building in El Burgo de Osma, central Spain, built on an area previously occupied by a Romanesque church. It is one of the best preserved medieval buildings in the country[2] and considered one of the best examples of thirteenth-century gothic architecture in Spain.[3] The building of the church started in 1232, and was completed in 1784. The cloister is from 1512. The tower is from 1739.[4] The cathedral is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary.


The cathedral museum is home to several items of religious art. Among them is a Commentary on the Apocalypse from 1086.

Tower of the cathedral from far.


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