Burda Style

Burda Style

Burda Style magazine cover- August 2009

Burda Style - Issue of August 2009
Managing Editor Ulrike Zeitlinger
Categories Fashion
Sewing pattern collection
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Aenne Burda
First issue 1950 (1950)
Company Verlag Aenne Burda GmbH + Co. KG
Hubert Burda Media
Country Germany
Based in Offenburg
Language 16 Languages
Website www.burdafashion.com
ISSN 0007-6031

Burda Style (formerly: Burda Moden, Burda World of Fashion) is a fashion magazine published in 16 different languages and in over 89 countries by Hubert Burda Media. Each issue of Burda Fashion contains patterns for each design in the issue.

History and profile

In 1949, Aenne Burda expanded her family business into women's magazines publishing when she founded a fashion magazine printing and publishing company in her home town Offenburg, Germany. The same year she started publishing a magazine named Favorit, which was later renamed to Burda Moden. The first issue of Burda Moden magazine was published in 1950 with a circulation of 100,000 (in January). It gained a great popularity in the market, especially since 1952, when they began to include sheets of paper with patterns for clothes.

In 1987, Burda fashion was the first western magazine to be published in the Soviet Union[1] and in 1994 also the first western magazine to appear in the People’s Republic of China.[2]

Burda Style launched in the United States in 2013 in partnership with F+W Media.[3][4]

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