Bun kebab

Bun kebab

A typical bun kebab with ketchup and chutney
Course Main course
Place of origin Pakistan[1][2]
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients ground lentil, powdered cumin seeds, omelette and bread buns
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Bun kebab (Urdu: بن کباب) is a sandwich, originating from Pakistan, especially Karachi. It is usually found in roadside stalls and in restaurants all across the subcontinent. It is commonly eaten along with a soft drink.


Bun kebab consists of a spicy patty which is shallow-fried, onions, and chutney or raita in a hamburger or hot dog bun.

Unlike a hamburger patty, the bun kebab is mixed with ground lentils, powdered cumin seeds, and an egg batter into a mixture which is then fried in ghee or oil. One may find bun kebab at vendor stalls throughout Indian subcontinent, with regional differences evident. A bun kebab can also be served with a fried egg or omelette (known as 'anda shami').


The patty can be made of chicken, potatoes, beef or mutton. The beef and egg recipe though is the most popular, especially with the street vendors of bun kebab.

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