Bulla cake

Bulla cake

Bulla cake from a Los Angeles bakery
Alternative names Bullah
Type Cake
Place of origin Jamaica
Main ingredients Molasses, flour
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Bulla cake, usually referred to as bulla, is a rich Jamaican cake made with molasses[1] and spiced with ginger[2] and nutmeg, sometimes dark-colored and other times light-colored. Bulla are small loaves that are flat and round.[2] They are inexpensive and easy to make using molasses, flour and baking soda.[2] Bulla is traditionally a popular treat for schoolchildren.[2] It is usually eaten with cheese, butter or avocado.[3]

A traditional food of Jamaica, the bulla cake has been used as an emblem and symbol related to development on the island nation.[4] Former solicitor general of Jamaica, Kenneth Rattray, was a fan of bulla.[5]

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