Bukit Damansara

Bukit Damansara
Coordinates: 03°09′15.69″N 101°39′30.93″E / 3.1543583°N 101.6585917°E / 3.1543583; 101.6585917Coordinates: 03°09′15.69″N 101°39′30.93″E / 3.1543583°N 101.6585917°E / 3.1543583; 101.6585917

Bukit Damansara or Damansara Heights is an affluent suburb in western Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, located five kilometres from the city centre. It is a sought-after residential and commercial address in the Klang Valley.


Damansara Heights is accessible from Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. Jalan Maarof, in Bangsar, connects Jalan Damansara. Jalan Duta and Jalan Semantan can be used for a drive into Damansara Heights from the North-South Expressway.

The Medan Damansara neighbourhood consisting of two storey link houses were built in 1972.

It started as a residential scheme for government servants more than two decades ago. The enclave hosts colleges, large multinational corporations, restaurants, regulatory bodies and government departments.

The first office building built in Damansara Heights was Wisma Damansara, built in 1970 by Selangor Properties. This was followed by the Damansara Office Complex on Jalan Dungun, which at the time also housed the local stock exchange and the offices of Shell Malaysia.

The office market in the Klang Valley totals 70,000,000 sq ft (6,500,000 m2) and this is dominated by city-located projects (65%), Damansara Heights (7.5%), Bangsar/Pantai (6.4%), Petaling Jaya (9.5%) and others. Based on government-sourced data, Damansara Heights will see another 500,000 sq ft (46,000 m2) in the near future.

Damansara Heights is limited by its small amount of available commercial land and redevelopment is on hold. It is indicated by the demolishing of Wisma Socfin on Jalan Semantan for the construction of UOA II Damansara, along with several other buildings nearby. Increasing efficiency of newer buildings and more modern designs are the driving forces behind the trend. There are redevelopment plans for some office buildings in the area, such as Banguan SPPK and Wisma Damansara. Wisma Beringin is undergoing refurbishment.

Wisma Damansara is now being occupied wholly by Help College.



Government and infrastructure

The head office of the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia was previously in Damansara Heights.[1]

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