Buffalo Bisons (NL)

This article is about the National League baseball franchise. For other teams named Buffalo Bisons, see Buffalo Bisons (disambiguation).
Buffalo Bisons
Years 1879-1885
Based in Buffalo, New York
A program cover featuring the 1882 Buffalo Bisons
Major league affiliations

Gold, black

Major league titles
  • National League pennants: 0

The original Buffalo Bisons baseball club played in the National League between 1879 and 1885. The Bisons played their games at Riverside Park (1879–83) and Olympic Park (1884-85) in Buffalo, New York. The NL Bisons are included in the history of the minor-league team of the same name that still plays today; it is thus the only extant NL team from the 19th century that both still exists and no longer plays in Major League Baseball.

Year-by-year records

1879 John Clapp   7946321.5903rd10.0
1880 Sam Crane   8524583.2937th42.0
1881 Jim O'Rourke   8345380.5423rd10.5
1882 Jim O'Rourke   8445390.5363rd10.0
1883 Jim O'Rourke   9852451.5365th10.5
1884 Jim O'Rourke 11564474.5773rd19.5
1885Pud Galvin / Jack Chapman 11338741.3397th49.0

Players of note

Brouthers, Galvin, O'Rourke, Radbourn, and White are members of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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