Brighter Death Now

Brighter Death Now is the artist name under which Roger Karmanik (b. 1965 as Roger Karlsson), the founder of the Swedish record label Cold Meat Industry, releases death industrial, power electronics and dark ambient music.

Whereas early Brighter Death Now recordings tended to be largely instrumental and atmospherically oriented, present-day releases often feature screamed vocals, distorted beyond comprehension. Throughout its history, Karmanik has kept his music's thematic elements focused on such topics as child molestation, sadism, and psychosis.

The Great Death trilogy and May All Be Dead have become rare collectors items, and are sought after by many Brighter Death Now fans. Roger Karmanik has been active under other names such as Lille Roger (Swedish for Little Roger) and Bomb The Daynursery.

In 2009, Karmanik remixed the short films of Jason LaRay Keener as projection for live shows. watch

Karmanik closed down Cold Meat Industries around the beginning of 2014 as he expressed that he was suffering mentally and physically from the stress of running the label. By the end of 2014, Karmanik had fully immersed himself within the shroud of Brighter Death Now and announced the creation of his new label Familjegraven whose sole purpose is to release his own projects, including rarities, reissues, and new recordings. Promises Of Death begins with a burst of power electronics might and fury of Swedish / English sloganeering blurting above a vertiginous torrent of thrummed black noise and overwhelming reverberation.


As Brighter Death Now

Year Title Format Notes
1989 Temp Tations Cassette release, limited to 50 copies.
1989 Pain in Progress 1989 (Unclean Production/Cold Meat Industry) URD 08 90 12 33-01/CMI-03 LP. Compilation of two recordings originally released on two distinct "Pain in Progress" cassettes: in 1988 under the pseudonym Bomb the Daynursery for the seven opening tracks, and later on as Brighter Death Now for the seven last tracks.

Shatterer Of Earth/Pain In Progress/Certified Dead/Deathkomh (Unreeased)/ Dachau-Anthem/Still Murder/Meat Improvement/Heart Of Stone/ Meat Improvement (Video Version)

1990 Great Death LP.(Cold Meat Industry) CMI-09 Ltd.of 500 copieslater reissued as first CD on Great Death I-II' Great Death/Erisceration/Certified Death/Gore/Moribund/Laudate Dominum
1989 Slaughterhouse Invitation Cassette release, later released as part of 'The Slaughterhouse' CD
1993 The Slaughterhouse CD.
1993 Great Death I-II 2xCD. Limited to 1500 copies.
1995 Necrose Evangelicum CD. Features Mortiis on the title track.
1996 Great Death III CD. Only available by mail-order via coupon in Great Death I-II
1996 Brighter Death Now - Nordvinterdöd/Kill 7”Pic (Pain In Progress) PAIN001 Ltd.of 300 copies Recorded at the Soul Grave
1996 Nordvinterdöd 7" single. Only available by mail-order via coupon in Great Death III
1996 No Salvation/No Tomorrow 7"/10" single
1996 Innerwar 1996 (Cold Meat Industry) CMI-45 LP/CD Innerwar/American Tale/No Pain/Happy Nation/Little Baby/Sex Or Violence ?/No Tomorrow/War
1998 Greatest Death CD - compilation of tracks from all 3 parts of the Great Death trilogy
1999 May All Be Dead 1998 (Cold Meat Industry) CMI-67 Ltd.of 1000 copies 2xLP/CD I Hate You/I Wish I Was A Little Girl/Behind Curtains/Payday/Oh What A Night/Fourteen
1999 XN Recordings 005 Limited edition 7" single (486 copies)
2000 Obsessis LP/CD
2001 1890 LP. 2001 (Cold Meat Industry) CMI-101 Ltd.of 800 copies I/II/III/IV
2001 Why 12" single 2001 (JINX) Ltd.of 777 copies Why/Never Again !
2003 Brighter Death Now/Coph Nia - Nunsploitation LP (Cold Meat Industry) CMI 110 Ltd.of 666 copies A Tribute To The Leather Nun A-Side: Slow Death (Slow Mix) Brighter Death Now. B-Side: Prime Mover (Sex Mix) Coph Nia. Several versions have the labels inverted (A-side is the Coph Nia track, B-side is the Brighter Death Now track)
2005 Disobey CD+DVD dualdisc in A5 pack. Live recordings.
2005 Kamikaze Kabaret CD.
2005 Brighter Death Now/Proiekt Hat 7” (XN Rec.) Xn 009 Ltd.of 486 copies Covers of the Can You Feel It (The Jacksons) (renamed 'Feel', Proiekt hat) and Bad (Michael Jackson) (Brighter death now)
2007 1890 LP (Cold Meat Industry) CMI- 169 Rekreation Stálbad V/VI/VII/VIII/IX
2008 Necrose Evangelicum LP/2CD (Cold Meat Industry) CMI- 179 Re-release of the 1995 album. The CD release includes a bonus CD 'Unlive in Finland 1996'. The LP is limited to 500 copies.
2009 Where Dreams Come True (Cold Meat Industry, JINX) CMI196, JINX CD-003 Live recording in Chicago, 13 June 2003
2009 Breaking Down Nihil (Der Angriff, Indiestate Distribution) Angriff Nr. 37, IST 073 CD This release was made to support the Russian shows of Brighter Death Now tour "Breaking Down Nihil!" which took place in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg in September 2009. It is limited to 150 copies and intended for sale on these shows only.
2011 Very little fun Cold Meat Industry CMI209 (3xCD/4xLP)
2014 With promises of death Familjegraven GRAV-01 There are two versions, a US version and a European version, which have a different last track

As Bomb The Daynursery

Year Title Format & Notes
1983 Discipline Through Mental Illness Cassette release, limited to 50 copies.
1983 Pain In Progress Cassette release, later reissued on CD under Brighter Death Now name

As Lille Roger

Year Title Format & Notes
1985 Metrom Evil 84' Cassette, limited to 84 copies
1985 For Life Cassette
1985 Despise/A Celebration LP, split with Verboten
1986 Älskar Dig Cassette
1986 Rock N Roll 85-86 / Sillmjölke Cassette, split with Engürdetz. Limited to 27 copies
1987 Undead 7"
1993 Golden Shower CD compilation of tracks from previous releases

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