Bridei VII

Bridei VII
King of the Picts
Reign 843–845
Predecessor Ciniod, son of Uurad
Successor Drest, son of Uurad
Father Fokel or Uuthoil

Bridei (Scottish Gaelic: Brude) was king of the Picts, in modern Scotland, from 843 to 845, contesting with Kenneth MacAlpin (Cináed III mac Ailpín/Ciniod III [son of] Elphin). According to the Pictish Chronicle, he was the son of Uuthoil (or in Gaelic Fochel, Fotel; Fodel).[1]

Regnal titles
Preceded by
Ciniod, son of Uurad
King of the Picts
Succeeded by
Drest, son of Uurad


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