Brazilians in France

Brazilians in France
Brasileiros na França
Total population
80.010 (2011) Metropolitan France[1][2]
Regions with significant populations
French Guiana 70,000 [3]
Roman Catholicism
Related ethnic groups
Argentines in France

Brazilians in France form one of the largest immigrant groups from Latin America. Nearly half of them live in French Guiana, including many who have crossed the border without formal permission from France.



The ancestral origins of the Brazilian nation show recent ancestors of generations predominantly as Italians and Portuguese, but with strong Spanish, Japanese, German, British, French, Native American, Slavic and Semitic components, making most Brazilians able to join the European Union. However, they faced very different legal circumstances that Portugal and Italy had long before they joined the EU migration policy, thousands of people a day come to the consulates of Portugal to process the new nationality or obtain a visa; nevertheless, they are not the most numerous among Latin American immigrants in Europe.


The 2011 Census recorded 38,584 Brazilian-born people.[4]

Year Brazilian-born population Other data
1999 7,909[5]
2005 45,050[6]
2006 49,578[6]
2007 52,371[6]
2008 54,608[6]
2011 38,584[4]
2012 64,622[6]

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