Brazilian Special Operations Command

Special Operations Command
Comando de Operações Especiais

Coat of arms of the Special Operations Command
Active 2002 - present
Country  Brazil
Allegiance Ministry of Defence
Branch Brazilian Army
Type Special Forces
Role Direct action
Airfield seizure
Special reconnaissance
Airborne & air assault operations
Personnel recovery
Garrison/HQ Goiás
Current Commander Brig.Gen. Mauro Sinott Lopes
C Op Esp

The Brazilian Special Operations Command (Portuguese: Comando de Operações Especiais - C Op Esp) is one of Brazilian Army Commands. The headquarters are located in Goiânia, more easily to go anywhere in the country, when necessary.

Creation of C Op Esp

For its creation, the Army Command issued decrees organizing the core of the Brigade (Nu Bda Op Esp), reporting initially to the Brigade Parachute Infantry. Most of its subordinate organizations were stationed in the area of Camboatá (West Zone of Rio de Janeiro), where he was the 1st BFEsp, whose commander served, cumulatively, in the initial phase, the command of Nu Bda Op Esp and management of project deployment.


The C Op Esp can be used efficiently to provide the deterioration of the military capabilities of the enemy, through direct or indirect actions against their logistics infrastructure, its systems of command and control (C2) and aerospace defense, forcing him to commit resources to defend its rear. Among the large repertoire of missions and capabilities of C Op Esp stand out:

Brazilian commandos during a training exercise.

ability to deploy the enemy's rear; collect information from the battlefield; perform search, destruction, neutralization and interdiction of targets of significant value; guided air strikes; rescue personal friend; kidnap enemy personnel; plan and conduct operations in irregular warfare: subversion. sabotage. escape and evasion. driving resistance movements (guerrilla) forces against invading larger, alongside the regular actions undertaken by the Brazilian Armed Forces. counterinsurgency. counterterrorist operations like: rescue of hostages on airplanes, banks, subway or boat; VIP security and strategic facilities; attack on terrorist bases; deactivation of explosives; monitoring of terrorist groups. The C Op Esp is extremely flexible, with a little rigid organization and a variety of techniques, procedures and available resources. The SP could conduct operations deep with minimal direction and support, providing greater opportunities to land operations (tactical and strategic) to attack the enemy where and when it is most vulnerable.

The C Op Esp is effectively able to carry out deep and intervene with opportunity, as soon as possible in crisis situations, doing missions for prompt response, and has this strategic mobility afforded by the availability of adequate resources, particularly air travel, which are provided mainly at the strategic level by FAB, and may also participate in the Flight of the Army and Naval Aircraft, in accordance with the requirements.

What is there is no doubt that the C Op Esp is extremely lethal, especially in its command actions that are directed against targets of significant value, preferably strategic, in accordance with the Plan of Prohibition Theater of Operations.

Command actions are characterized by surprise and aggressiveness with which they are developed in hostile areas and typically under the control of the enemy, requiring precision in its planning and execution, because the commands become vulnerable after strongly denounced his presence.

Yet men of C Op Esp are able to gain the relative superiority and destroy, neutralize or interdict aerodrome surveillance radar, antiaircraft batteries, port facilities, dams and dikes, bridges and roads, facilities and other command and control. The command actions loom large in importance before the limitations of the Air Force, and can be designed to support and / or complement a campaign aeroestratégica. The secondments Actions Commands are lethal weapons and accurate.

The C Op Esp is the main arm of the Rapid Action Force which is supplemented by the following units: Brigade Parachute Infantry, 12th Light Infantry Brigade (Aeromovel) and the Army Aviation Squadron. The Rapid Action Force it is a cluster with a radius of national action, capable of acting in the Amazon to the Pampas in the south, with maximum use of available technology to ensure speed means action by air, land and water, and still capable of making chemical defense - usually required in terrorist actions.

At your disposal, this elite force has sophisticated equipment such as laptop computers, night vision goggles, backpack with equipment for action in the jungle and other items not in conventional military action. The C Op Esp also conducts joint operations with other units of the Brazilian Army and Navy and also the Air Force.


Special forces troops during training.
Name Origin Type
Glock 19  Austria Pistol
Heckler & Koch USP  Germany Pistol
ParaFAL  Brazil Assault Rifle
IMBEL IA2  Brazil Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle
Heckler & Koch MP5  Germany Submachine gun
Heckler & Koch G36C  Germany Assault rifle
Heckler & Koch HK416  Germany Assault rifle
Colt M4  United States Assault rifle
Franchi SPAS-15  Italy Shotgun
Benelli  Italy Shotgun
FN Minimi  Belgium Machine gun
FN MAG  Belgium Machine gun
Barrett M82  United States Sniper rifle
Heckler & Koch PSG1  Germany Sniper rifle
SIG Sauer SSG 3000   Switzerland Sniper rifle
M24 Sniper Weapon System  United States Sniper rifle
Remington MSR  United States Sniper rifle
PGM Ultima Ratio  France Sniper rifle
Carl Gustav M3  Sweden Recoilless cannon
AT-4  Sweden Rocket launcher
Commando mortar  Brazil Mortar
Flamethrower  Brazil Flame-thrower


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