Branka Valentić

Branka Gabriela Valentić (born 1968 in Bruchsal, Germany) is a Croatian journalist and former political spokesperson currently serving as the director of HINA, Croatia's nationally-owned news service.

Valentić was born in 1968 in Bruchsal, Germany and grew up in Split.[1][2] She took her surname from her second husband actor Duško Valentić.[3]

She released a personal account of motherhood entitled Dnevnik jedne mame (Diary of a Mother) in 2004.[2]

She was a longtime contributor to the state-owned Vjesnik newspaper until it went out of business in 2012.[4] She also served as spokesperson for the Croatian Party of Pensioners (HSU) until being named director of HINA in late 2012 by the Milanović government of which HSU was a part.[4]


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