Branches of Rashtrakuta dynasty

Several Branches of the Rashtrakuta dynasty were created by the kings, commanders and relatives of the Rashtrakuta family during their expansion into central and northern India in the eighth to the tenth centuries. These kingdoms ruled during the reign of the parent empire or continued to rule for centuries after the its fall or came to power much later. Well known among these were the Rashtrakutas of Gujarat (757-888),[1] the Rattas of Saundatti (875-1230) in modern Karnataka,[2] the Rashtrakutas of Rajasthan (known as Rajputana) and ruling from Hastikundi or Hathundi (893-996),[3] Dahal (near Jabalpur),[4] Mandore (near Jodhpur), the Rathores of Dhanop,[5] Rashtraudha dynasty of Mayuragiri in modern Maharashtra[6] and Rashtrakutas of Kanauj.[7]

Rashtrakuta branches

These branches emerged as a result of Rashtrakuta conquest of North India.

Rashtrakutas of Lata (Gujarat):[8]

Rashtrakutas of Hastikundi (Hathundi) (Jodhpur)[9][10][11]

Rashtrakutas of Dahal (near Jabalpur) (Madhya Pradesh)[12]

Rashtrakutas of Kanauj (11th. century-13th. century)[13]

Rashtrakutas of Mandore/Jodhpur

According to one theory, the Gahadavalas were an offshoot of the Rashtrakutas of Kannauj, but this theory is contradicted by epigraphic evidence.[14]

Descendants Of Rashtrakuta

Their descendants are spread out over large areas of India. The Rashtraudha dynasty of Mayuragiri, Maharashtra, described in the Rashtraudha Kavya (1596) of Rudrakavi,[15] the Rathor Rajputs of Rajasthan and the Rattas of Saundatti in Karnataka also claim descent from them.[16]


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