Background information
Origin Berga, Catalonia, Spain, Europe
Genres Rock
Years active 1990 (1990)–2005 (2005), 2010 (2010)
Members Francesc Ribera "Titot"
Jordi Castilla (keyboard)
Pere Borralleras (bass)
David Rosell (guitar)
Xevi Vila "Xef" (drummer)
Sergi Beringues (trumpet)
Guillem Vernis (saxophone)
Past members
Santi Careta (guitar)
Albert Vila (bass)
Silvia Cardona
Toni Romero (guitar)
Josep Maria Gómez "Txema" (drummer)
August Gendrau (guitar)
Carles Oliver (drummer)
Francesc Xavier Martínez (bass)
Marc Buxó (guitar)
Albert Carlota (bass)

Brams is a rock band from Catalonia, Spain.


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