Braemar Hill

Coordinates: 22°17′3.33″N 114°12′1.75″E / 22.2842583°N 114.2004861°E / 22.2842583; 114.2004861

Braemar Hill (traditional Chinese: 寶馬山; simplified Chinese: 宝马山; pinyin: Bǎomǎshān; Jyutping: bou2 maa5 saan1) is a hill at the south of North Point on the Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. The hill was likely named after the Scottish village of Braemar by the British officials.

Residential estate and Cheung Chuk Shan College on Cloud View Road (雲景道)

The district is largely residential. Choi Sai Woo Park is a recreational park on the hill. A private tertiary institution Hong Kong Shue Yan University along with Chinese International School and Tutor Time International Nursery & Kindergarten are located near the hilltop. Besides residential uses, this area has a lot of schools, some of which are quite well known in Hong Kong.

The Braemar Hill murders took place here on 20 April 1985.

Housing estates

Because of its location and house pricing, Braemar Hills is considered an upper-class neighbourhood.


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Nearby hills

Panorama of Hong Kong from a lookout in Braemar Hill
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