Boston Yanks

Boston Yanks
Founded 1944
Folded 1952
Based in Boston, Massachusetts
New York City, New York
Dallas, Texas
League National Football League
Division Eastern Division
Team history Boston Yanks (1944, 1946–48)
Yanks (1945)
New York Bulldogs (1949)
New York Yanks (1950–51)
Dallas Texans (1952)
Team colors

Kelly Green, Gold, White

Head coaches Herb Kopf (1944–46)
Clipper Smith (1947–48)
Owner(s) Ted Collins
Home field(s) Fenway Park
Braves Field ( a few regular season games)
Polo Grounds
Yankee Stadium
Cotton Bowl

The Boston Yanks were a National Football League team based in Boston, Massachusetts that played from 1944 to 1948. The team played its home games at Fenway Park. Games that conflicted with the Boston Red Sox schedule were held at Braves Field. Team owner Ted Collins, who managed singer Kate Smith, picked the name "Yanks" because he originally wanted to run a team that played at New York City's Yankee Stadium. The Yanks could manage only a 2–8 record during their first regular season.

Because of a shortage of players caused by World War II, the Yanks were merged with the Brooklyn Tigers for the 1945 season, and styled as just the "Yanks" with no home city. The merged team played four home games in Boston and one in New York. But fans from neither city cared as they finished with a 3–6–1 record.

When Brooklyn Tigers owner Dan Topping announced his intentions to join the All-America Football Conference in 1946, his NFL franchise was revoked and all of its players were assigned to the Yanks. After three continuous losing seasons, Collins finally was allowed to move to New York. But instead of an official relocation, he asked the league to officially fold his Boston franchise and give him a new franchise, for a tax write off. The league granted his request, and Collins named his new team the New York Bulldogs.

The Boston Yanks are the only officially defunct NFL team ever to have the first overall NFL draft pick. They had it twice, in 1944 and 1946. Both times they selected a quarterback from the University of Notre Dame: Angelo Bertelli (1944) and Frank Dancewicz (1946). Owner Ted Collins moved his "defunct" Yanks franchise to New York in 1949, where it continued for one year as the Bulldogs and two years as the New York Yanks.

First Round draft selections

Pro Football Hall of Fame


Year W L T Finish Coach
1944 2 8 0 4th EastHerb Kopf
1945 3 6 1 3rd EastHerb Kopf
1946 2 8 1 5th EastHerb Kopf
1947 4 7 1 3rd EastClipper Smith
1948 3 9 0 5th EastClipper Smith
Totals 14 38 3
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