Bolshoy Ik River

Not to be confused with Ik River.
Bolshoy Ik River

Very small ford across the Bolshoy Ik
Country Bashkortostan and Orenburg Oblast, Russia
Main source South Urals, Bashkortostan
River mouth Sakmara River, Saraktash, Orenburg Oblast
Basin size 7,670 km2 (2,960 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 341 km (212 mi)
  • Average rate:
    61 m3/s (2,200 cu ft/s)

The Bolshoy Ik River (Russian: Большой Ик, literally Greater Ik; Bashkir: Оло Ыйыҡ, Olo Iyıq) is a tributary of the Sakmara River, which flows south from the southern end of the Ural Mountains in Bashkortostan and Orenburg Oblast, Russia.

The river is generally fed by snowmelt.[1]


Coordinates: 51°49′24″N 56°23′22″E / 51.82333°N 56.38944°E / 51.82333; 56.38944

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