Kkomjangeo bokkeum, made with Inshore hagfish
Korean name
Hangul 볶음
Hanja none
Revised Romanization bokkeum
McCune–Reischauer pokkŭm

Bokkeum is a generic term to refer to a Korean dish made by stir-frying ingredients in a sauce.[1] According to Korean dictionaries, the verb form of bokkeum, "bokkda" (볶다) means "cooking dried ingredients over heat." However, bokkeum not only refers to dishes made by stir-frying ingredients to a dry state, but also indicates dishes with a thick sauce after cooking. The former is called geonyeol bokkeum (건열볶음 dry stir-fried dishes) and the latter is called seupyeol bokkeum (습열볶음, watery stir-fried dishes) by the literal meaning in Korean.[2]




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