Main source Cuveglio
270 km (170 mi)
River mouth Lake Maggiore at Laveno-Mombello
193 m (633 ft)
Basin size 47 km2 (18 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 11.6 m (38 ft)
  • Average rate:
    1.75 m3/s (62 cu ft/s)

The Boesio is a ‘torrent’—or intermittent stream—of the province of Varese in north Italy’s Lombardy. It rises near Cuveglio and runs through the Valcuvia valley in an east-west direction before entering Lake Maggiore at Laveno-Mombello.

The river’s course takes it through the communes of Cuveglio, Cuvio, Casalzuigno, Azzio, Brenta, Gemonio, Cittiglio and Laveno-Mombello. The state road SS 394 follows in part the course of the river.

Fish found in the river include Salmonidae and Cyprinidae, in particular brown trout and vairone (Leuciscus souffia). The waters of the river are polluted.[1]


Coordinates: 45°54′28″N 8°37′01″E / 45.9079°N 8.61694°E / 45.9079; 8.61694

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